USN SS Operaters Manual WW11

How many think they could complete that publication with very little effort? In fact I wonder just how much of a Part Three book I could complete without thumbing through a TAB and bugging the Wrecker and outside staff!?


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I don't know whether it's still there, Nutty, but the US WW2 submarine Pampanito which I toured in 1985 would be right up your street, although you might marvel at how roomy it is compared to your boats (space needed for the crates of Pepsi Co-o-ola and the buckets of ice cream)! There was a three-masted ship there too, but maybe things have moved on since I was there a second time in 1993. Trip to Alcatraz was interesting, the boat to go there was named after a nutcase who proposed marriage to the widowed Q Victoria and eventually died worth $6. Just across the bridge Muir Woods is a redwood forest; there's another to the south of the city. Had decent (real) Chinese chow in Chinatown, picked a restaurant full of Chinese rather than Gringos. Then there was the Lone Pine on the Monterey peninsula which those who make money out of it say was the setting for Treasure Island. Seals, pelicans etc. American female after a pelican had lunged at her sandwich and nearly given her a nip 'Say, can pelicans give you Aids?' The natives are strange indeed. The desk clerk at our hotel gave us a street map and showed us which were safe to walk down. If you or any small children you know watch Cartoon Network you will recognise the 'Painted Ladies', wooden Victorian houses that escaped the great fire. Went on a trolley and noted Lombard St, the 'crookedest street in the world' - because of its switchback road, not swindlers. Have a nice day!
San Francisco - top run. I first visited in Onslow in 1985. We berthed just astern of Pampanito at Fishermans Wharf. Had a look on board and was surprised by how much bigger than an O boat it was. The rest of the visit is a bit of a blur involving semi naked women and lots to drink in seedy bars!

Went back with the other half in 2004, and did the proper tourist thing this time. (I couldn't find any of the bars) Pampanito is still there and well worth a visit, a visit to Alcatraz and a harbour cruise are a must, cable car ride, dinner at Fishermans Wharf (expensive but worth it) and a visit to the Napa valley wineries is a good day trip.

Also lots of shopping for the Mrs, and the restored windjammer 'Balclutha' is also a must.

Have a good run!
We are stopping over for three days at a hotel on Fishermans Wharf en-route to NZ South Island and Oz. Have Pampanito, Alcatraz, a harbour cruise and one or two other bits on the list.

I have not been to US of A since 1965 so it will be bit of a culture shock. I assume the wharf area, being very touristy is reasonably physically safe but full of con artists and dippers taking advantage of us tourists.


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