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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Below is a link to the USN display drill team. Now picture this, except with the RN; a team full of hung over Matelots, recovering from a night out in Jesters after 'pull a pig night', SA80's and a baby LT sh*t scared!


    Plus, check out the comments!
  2. That was bl**dy well done. I think the nearest we get to them is The Royal Airforce Colour Guard.
  3. Nice one JD. As an exponent of "Gait n Gaitering" the nearest UK can get is the RAF Regiment. But they will persist in putting their hands on their hip when dressing with half arm intervals! As for some of the comments. Well!

    Semper Strenuissima.
  4. kinell. Thought they were going to get down a breakdance as well. "Spinning on our heads" in a wickey wickey wah wah stylie!!
  5. training vid

    I could never imagine spinning a rifle like they are doing! I'd attempt it and knock out some moody CPOS(M)!

    US Army drill team, think I prefer the USN one to be honest!
  6. Moody CHOPS(M)s, I don't believe it!!

    An American drill team performed at the Edinburgh Tattoo a few years ago. I think they were called "The Berlin Guard". They certainly caused a stir with their drill movements.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  7. Are you sure they are "SEPS" the pig in charge only has two medals showing??? Shirley he should have at least ten!!
  8. Did you see his badge? He's a submariner. They don't get many medals. Kind of like Marines, in this case.
  9. He doesn't like to be called Shirley :lol: :razz:
  10. bloody good tho- makes our drill look a bit pants!!
  11. That could be the fault of the little weapon you have now!
    Now in the old days ( :neutral: :wink: ) the 303 or the SLR made a lovely noise when you slapped the stock, or the parade ground with the brass butt.
    Many a GI must have cried when they brought the SA80 in.

  12. Any Officer with more than two medals would have more sense than to do that. It's OK trusting the lads, but, a wrong word here a bit of PMT there, the odd hangover and whoops sorry sir . "Corpsman!!)

    Y'all look for ma ear while I go to Sickbay :grin:
  13. Got to admit the drill is very good are they all ex-cheerleaders ?
  14. Has anyone seen that weird drill shit they do alone like making hand signals etc. Very queer stuff.
  15. I remember seeing them , amazing stuff , :wink:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Crap - the right-hand marker's back pocket was undone!! :twisted:
  17. That ain't 'drill' thats formation dancing! What drillbook is that rubbish in? and only a corporals guard? guessed they killed the rest of rehersing! Now the 'Rock apes' they do it with a full subalterns guard AND every move is in the drill book! Oh yes and the drill now is much the same as the old number 4 drill, save if you slap the modern toy to the ground it breaks up into tiny bits (and you need a drill team of dwarfs)
  18. Seeing as how sgt pepper & safewalrus are enjoying this so, I thought it was high time to give the Marines a chance:

    USMC Silent Drill Platoon

    It's not a very good video. It was made for Canadian Army News, and doesn't feature the whole routine due to time constraints.
    But you get the idea.
    They do the entire performance without verbal commands.
  19. Now that's pretty impressive, I would hate to be the guy that drops his weapon in front of loads of people.
  20. It happens, occasionaly. Most often during the "mirror drills" in the inspection. The rifles will hit in mid-air.
    The amazing thing is, that they can recover without losing their bearing, or breaking the pace of the performance. That's crucial, since they use no verbal commands or prompts. Keeping the pacing is vital.

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