USN Doctor Prescribes "Monster Energy Drink to Cure Scurvy!


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Additionally, since doctors speculate that Jurgensen would have avoided the disease had he drank even one rum- or tequila-based drink with lime in it, the Navy has started a $38 million advertising campaign encouraging sailors to drink more tropical alcoholic mixed drinks.

Sound advise.

“We just want sailors to make healthier choices when they go out drinking, like choosing a margarita over a vodka tonic,” Gutierrez explained, “or a Corona with a lime in it instead of a Sam Adams.”

A good argument to resume the rum issue,with lime.
To my shame I have to say that when the Broadsword went into refit at the end of 87, a load of WEs moved RA and some of them started to suffer similarly. One WE tiff Ba** P*** started to look VERY unhealthy. It soon transpired that he was living on chips and alcohol (saved by only buying\eating potatoes) ...

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