USN declare war on Clyde ferry

I hear they're going to produce a brand new medal to recognise the engagement. Everyone present onboard will get two, those within 10000 miles will have to settle for just one.



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I hear they're going to produce a brand new medal to recognise the engagement. Everyone present onboard will get two, those within 10000 miles will have to settle for just one.

I am probably 10,004 miles away - any chance of submitting a representation so I can get the medal?


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Of course, the 10,004 miles was only if I went from the Clyde to Dubai via the USA (which I assumed would be somewhere in the rules and would probably ensure that I got the US 'flying over a war zone' medal (unless they have now declared Ulster safe) plus the 'flying near to another war zone medal' (Iraq). If they allowed the distance to be a straight line from the Clyde then I would indeed dip in since I am a mere 3,633 miles away from the Quote "scene of the crime" Unquote (as Arlo Guthrie once said).


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RoofRat said:
Anybody remember the USS Cole?
With the well known US habit of being trigger happy, and with the discussion on T45 and Windows for Warships in another thread, I actually had the Vincennes in mind.
RoofRat said:
Either or Flags. I'd rather be cautious everytime than being blown up once!

Usually leaving Faslane there is a Mod Police escort untill you get down the clyde . To warn off vessels from getting too close to warships.
The Ferry skipper should have been warned by the QHM aswell.

As for the VHF channel 16 voice communication I bet the whole of the clyde boating fraternity were listening in--its the emergency frequency !!

I wonder how they would have reacted to a sailing vessel --the rules of sailing vesels having priority to motorised ones for right of way

Pity the ferry skipper backed off ----------might have been an interesting
international incident :lol: :lol:
RoofRat said:
Either or Flags. I'd rather be cautious everytime than being blown up once!
Ditto Roofrat , why the fxxk do we do everything with at least one arm tie'd behind our back , and of course the Human Rights Lawyers chaseing the blokes on the ground , pisses me off no end , can't fxxxxxxxg win can we , anyone out there , best of luck , don't think fxxxxxxxxg twice , slot them , :twisted:
The one thing I have learned since I started working closely with the Americans is that they set their rules for everyone else to follow whilst blatently ignoring the rules and requirements of other nations working around them. :evil:

They don't all do it but the majority have this really arrogant attitude which means that they push through blindly ignoring anything else. I would give examples but to do so would pinpoint my location and I could do without the extra flak.

Another case of Yanks being the old 'I am considerably bigger than you' syndrome.

CH16 IS the correct channel to broadcast such warnings on, so the 'source' was incorrect with the statement.

During exercises such as these and lets fact it, JMC (Neptune Warrior) has been going for years with a set format, they normally have a 'simulated warnings' VHF channel for such exercise.

I assume the Yank bridge team could not work out that a slow moving ferry was not a 'FIAC' and were therefore, all but ready to blow it out of the water if it had not responded to the CH16 VHF call.

IMHO, Yanks are arrogant, have their own rules, think they own the world and really do think the world outside of America is dumb.

I can see your point roof rat and fully understand, but not quite sure how long the Helensburgh Fundamentalist Party have had access to FIAC and the like though. ;-) :) I agree the need for being careful and not taking things for granted or it may bit you in the butt. However, threatening to blow a ferry out of the water just because it happens to be in the same area is a bit OTT in my view.


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Just to add, when I was based in Faslane, we had a number of USN Warships moored up at the Garelochead fuel depot on occasion. On a number of occasions they apprehended and threatened to open Fire on the MDP for being unidentified intruders. Makes you wonder - if you see a guy in one of the most secure Military bases in the UK, In a car marked "police", wearing uniform that say "police" on it, who is patrolling the jetty alongside your ship in the 3 hour stint and you still mistake him for a terrorist - how ******* stupid are these people!


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I remember doing a 2-week NATO exercise, similar to JMC, off Lisbon in about '97 as preparation for manoeuvres in a 'Balkan environment'. The exercise was being conducted in stages (1. Diplomatic negotiations; 2. Staged ROE exercises; 3. Free play). Incidentally the contacts of interest were real-time vessels that happened to be in our area (ferries, yachts, etc.).

A US warship (who's name I conveniently can't remember at this time!) was supposed to be engaged in the 'negotiations' stage, such as challenging them on VHF ("what is your cargo/destination/passengers/etc".). This part was supposed to last about 2 days, but obviously the Yanks were a little bit confused and frustrated by the 'negotiation' part and decided to do exactly as the ship in the Clyde did - it started to aggressively engage the contacts, peppering them with (fortunately!) paper weapons. In fact they were so enthusiastic in their engagement that they had expended all their paper weapons before the next part of the exercise, and we told to leave by the OCE!

Suffice to say the rest of the nationalities had a giggle at their expense after the exercise...
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