USN - 2 Meg file, may take a few mins. to upload

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. USN can't do it, who can?

    Edited: sorry not PC lit and about to fry!
  2. Re: USN

    Ooops Link no workie!
  3. Re: USN


    All works...

    What about putting it like this:

    (video width=320 height=256)

    just a thought!!


    Edited to remove the video clip - I was only showing off (apparently) ;)
  4. Re: USN

    Show off :twisted:
  5. Re: USN

    Click on the "Post Reply" button. Two rows of icons at the top...

    Bottom row, third from left is a "Insert Video file" option.

    It asks you 3 questions: Where is the video (paste in the url)
    How wide is the video (in this case, 320)
    How tall is the video (in this case 256)

    Press "Submit" - hey presto!!

    (PS - You can get the video width/height by right-clicking it and choosing Properties!)

    Happy to be a show-off,

  6. Re: USN

    I know that now! Friend just did it for me :roll:
  7. Re: USN

    It gives me a nice warm feeling that the septics can still make us cry with laughter!
  8. Re: USN

    I have removed it - purely becuase it will:

    a. get annoying quickly
    b. Slow down those users who are using dial-up

  9. /Anorak on

    Just a small point - the ship in the opening moments is not US, it is a Type 42 - Batch 1 judging by the 965

    Anorak off/ :p
  10. i thought that too!

  11. God - this one, and jokes very like it, have been going around since Nelson was a cabin boy. The shot of the T42 is one of the same shots that was used in a JAG episodes to simulate an 'old (built in 1980!!!!!) Russian destroyer that had gone rogue.

    Take a look at
  12. That reminds me of an incident during an Adriatic patrol in the early nineties.

    Port and Stbd launchers loaded with warshot, inhibiting 1 side to carry out SOCs daily, port system on even days and stbd on odds. Well the old PO Tas ape only got his days mixed up and pressed fire on the side that was still connected. Out went the live stingray! well it would have if the tube hadn't gone defective. Lucky really as the CVS was about half a mile on that beam!

    Poor Chief tiff maintainer got the bollocking because it didn't leave the tube!
  13. Call me old-fashioned, but I dot think I'd still be stood there filming it either
  14. According to a Comms mate of mine this is actually a true story & is a famous incident in some funny comms message book.

    * ah nm just checked that other link

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