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Hi Guys.

I am a Naval Airman Aircraft Handler (yes a lazy WAFU lol) and workfor a a charity called honour our wounded. These guys help any serviceman or woman who has left the service on a medical discharge. They assist tri service with housing after service, employment, cover medical bills and many other things.

The charity has recently got 5 well known models from Nuts, FHM, page 3 etc who have done a photo shoot for them. The models have given their time for free.

The charity has assigned one model for the navy, 1 for army, 1 for air force, 1 for marines and 1 for SF.

They had a photo shoot recently with the girls dressing in the rig for each service and put the navy logo on the navy models photo, Army logo on the army models photo etc. They have applied for and got a PSI License from the MOD and the charity understood this entitled them to use the logo from each service.

They started to post the photos of the models on the facebook page for the services. Then this morning the guys who run the Navy page on Facebook took the photo down saying they do not have permission to use the logos.

My question is does a PSI license give you permission to use the logos from each service?

Thanks for reading this
You might try contacting Captain Naval Recruiting Marketing Dept after leave. Contact details can be found on CNR's website on the RN Intranet. They will help you out or point you in the right direction.
There is a DIN on it I think. Certainly a publication with guidance somewhere on the RN Web (that I can't get on now as I am at home).
Totally irrelevant to the subject but I do think it's bloody outrageous that a British fighting Service has a logo.

Personally, I'd just use the thing and see if some shiny a**ed gimp was prepared to sue you for it.

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