Using the intenet for self diagnosis

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by JaFAA, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Had a bit of a bender on saturday night - spent about 4 hours in a cubicle being sick and sleeping before getting a taxi home.

    I'm pretty sure I've been ill the past few days. Usually when you get so pissed that you feel sick, you wallow around for an hour in a state then feel a bit more sober again and rejoin the fun. I however was so bad I considered calling myself an ambulance my gut was hurting that much.

    So anyway, here I am on Monday still feeling a bit gash and I've got a sort of ache where my liver is, so I went on google and typed 'liver alcohol'.

    I ended up on the 'liver trust' website, being told all the dangers of drinking too much, and am now convinced I've got alcoholic hepatitis.
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you looking for comfort, reassurance or medical advice? In any case I think you're looking in the wrong place.
  3. Get thee to a doctor and confess thy sins.........
  4. At the end of the day there is no substitute for profesional medical advice, either get in to see your local quack or if that will take to long get thyself to A&E. Do not delay.
  5. Don't forget to learn how to speak punjabi first, or he won't understand what you're saying..
  6. Well I'm not a doctor but ... I've just Googled 'liver ache' and I think you must have methylglutaconic aciduria, type 4.

    Any one else got an opinion ... ?
  7. yeah, he cant drink for shit and more effort is required! I find nothing soothes the dull lower back ache post bender like another bender! Special vat will cure all!
  8. Yup,looks like you have started on the short road to death by Liver Failure.

    THIS IS A WARNING SIGN!Continue to drink like this and you WILL end up well knackered.My advice toy you is STOP ALL alcohol intake NOW and stay off it for at least a few months.The liver has the ability to repair itself but only if you dont keep beating the shoite out of it by drinking alcohol
    .Also start a nice vitamin rich diet,lots of fresh veg and fruit this will all help.You have been given a warning,if not heeded you will follow in Gerorge Best's footsteps.Its not clever to drink vast amounts of alcohol,as you have found out its also not healthy.
  9. I'm sorry I seem to have stumbled into the Raving Vegan Lifestyle Forum.
    AndyM yer fecking poof!!
    Jaffa stop being a fecking girl, get yourself down the pub sharpish and do the top shelf!! Remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, either that or become a vegetarian and start your Cod Liver Oil pill intake now.
    George Best had a marvelous time killing himself, I'm sure he prefered the way he went than sitting in the Golden Years Home for Retired and Indigent Footballers with Rodney Marsh (ROOODNEYYY!) and Gazza.
  10. Dont ever call yourself an ambulance..people will just abuse you!
  11. All hail my liver. I feel fine now. Must've just been the muscle I overused while retching for four hours. Strange how it was only the right hand side that hurt though, and just under my ribcage...where the liver is.
  12. That'll be where your oppo was kicking you in the side shouting "man up" whilst you slept for being a FCUKING GIRL.
  13. Oh dear....self-diagnosis on t'internet! :roll:

    The signs you describe could be for any number of disorders. The liver pain could be radiated pain from elsewhere, like your hollow leg in need of refilling or your beer gut in need of a hop based concoction with alcohol, water and a smidgeon of sugar in it (known by pharmacists as The Mixture) :twisted:

    Alternatively you could have started with liver cirrohis or Hepatitis and need to ask Roddy to personally come out and rescue you, with a rum based drip directly in your mouth.

  14. As if the NHS could afford to do that! :lol:
  15. Honestly are you serious? I've had to do it a couple of times and they have been really good.
    In fact the last bloke was so good I sent a letter to the ambulance HQ. Not only did I not get a reply from them but I bumped into the bloke in a local hostelry a few weeks later. The muppets at the HQ didn't even pass it on. They got another letter voicing my disquiet, and guess what. No response..
    It's not far from where I live and I felt like going around there and banging a couple of heads together.
    ps Not for the same reason as matey I hasten to add. But one of my kidneys thinks it should be a very sharp stone quarry...

  16. Sadly as XRD will probably confirm we get abused personally and professionally quite a lot.
    We are mis-used,mostly as blue light taxis's on friday night/saturday night etc.
    I was racially abused the other week whilst trying to help a coloured gent who had fallen off his bike whilst pissed.
    He called me a white fatherless son and various other names and all whites should die etc.
    It took the police 4 goes to get him in the hurry up van due to the fact his head kept hitting the van roof.Shame really.
    I did put in a report and received a nice eletter from HQ asking about my welfare and if I needed counselling.
    Dont know what happened to 2359 but hopefully he had a sore head.

    We do get letters from the public and are always grateful for them,Cheers
  17. I read RG's line about not calling yourself an ambulance - "I am an ambulance!!!" - as saying that, if they know you are "an ambulance", people will just abuse you (or misuse you), in the same way as they do the ambulance service in general and the good people who crew them.

    Did I read it wrong?

  18. FFS why can't people have a few drinks and go home peacefully. Almost without exception those I meet in the NHS are polite and professional. If the management lets them down then that is very sad indeed. They, the management, need a severe shaking.
    The last time for me was just a few weeks ago and I would challenge anyone to have had a more efficient and thorough service.
    Cheers to you and keep up the good work. Just try and let the rest roll off your shoulders.
    ps The Spanish medical system is excellent and way ahead of the NHS in many things. But, the ambulance service is not and they have only recently gone down the paramedic road. Generally the fire brigade are more trained in these things. The ambulance just scrapes you up and takes you to hospital. :lol:
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Back to the original post, I recently used Google to search for information about the personality trait which manifests itself by means of excessive orderliness, extreme meticulousness and often suspicion and reserve, particularly predominant in people of a Teutonic origin.

    So I typed in "German ****" and that's when the trouble started... :oops: :twisted:
  20. No,you read it correctly.

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