Using a car in the navy

Hi, can anybody help! Im due to go for basic training on 22nd July and am joining the navy as an AET! My car insurance is due for renewal in 4 weeks and im wondering whether to bother taking it to HMS Sultan (professional training) after completing my basic training! Is there anybody on here that has recently left the forces and could perhaps advise me on whether it is really worth having a car? Would it come in useful in Gosport for Weekends? or would i be away too much to feel the benefit from paying £1000 a year insurance?

Any comments are appreciated

If you not going to get the use, flog it, bank the cash and as and when you do need a car - hire one.


1 - look at some of the insurance companies offering Forces bods discounts, see if that makes it more reasonable

2 - Attach yourself to someone who has a car, offer to put in for petrol and car share - environmetally friendly
Having a car in Phase 2 would be useful, particularly if you're thinking of travelling at weekends and for getting to Southampton or Fareham.

Public Transport in this area is pretty crap (actually, it's not pretty crap - it is totally crap!) so there are few travel alternatives unless you get the Gosport Ferry over to Portsmouth. There is also a lot of road congestion down here, so don't expect to be able to drive anywhere quickly.

However, you have to decide whether it is worth £1000 a year, especially if you are the one doing all the driving to take your mates to the pub.


Lantern Swinger
ukdaytona said:
Oh come on. Who would be stupid enough to open a gate, drive your car onto the train track and bugger around closing one and opening another for what was probably a good 10 minutes and then being surprised that the train ran over your car

Open both gates, get through as quickly as possible and then close the gates again

Blaming her satnav for a train - bloody silly kid. Nice looking though :)
It really depends how much weekend travel you expect to be doing and whether the cost of ownership is less than the cost of hiring when you need a car.

Notwithstanding that it's likely to be handy whilst you're at Sultan and later when you're stationed at a shore establishment.

I'd agree with the above point, public transport is p!ss poor down there but also be aware that Gosport is at the wrong end of a long queue of traffic, every day.

I would just go for TPFT, and SORN it for the duration of Raleigh.
ukdaytona said:
Try watching where you are going as well as the satnav, typical numpty who slavishly follows satnav NO CDF
A Gosport coach driver recently ended up on the M1 with a school trip instead of Hampton Court Palace 4 miles from the A3 in West London, by following satnav and not twigging he had programmed in a village name....... f**kwit :?
Maps still have their uses
Gazza82 said:
ukdaytona said:
How dumb can u be??? didnt she have any lights on her car I mean everyone can see if its a train track or not unless she even couldnt find her light switch :p
Cant you just hear the Sat Nav

'Open Gate'
'Drive Car onto Train tracks and stop'
'Close gate so we is trapped'
'Open ga..... hang on, whats the rumbling sound ????'
'Quick, dont stand there woman, get the bloody gate open FAST'
'GATE, OPEN THE FECKING GA.................. '
'Bugger, im facing the wrong way and where has the bonnet gone?'
I believe that someone asked this question some time ago and new entries were not allowed cars at Raleigh. however if you are used to having a car at your disposal then you are certainly going to miss it when doing your continuation training. Seems you will have to decide on whether the cost justifies the convenience.
Jonno, Why not sell the car, save money on your insurance, once you have gone onto your trade training, buy a cheap run around, insure it third partie.

Any way good luck matey, enjoy your basic at Raleigh

You will probably use your car. Be it for sports or recreation (you will have time on your course for sports). If you enjoy things like mounting biking then some good routes nearby for that type of things (car dependant). You may want to go home for weekends. You may even just want to go out at night. Its worth having one. Also consider your no claims bonus.
Well thanks everybody! And the cheers for the laugh with the sat nav thing! Think from everything i've heard here its probably best to ditch the car and see if i can pick up a cheap one if/when need be! Thanks again for all your help!
Not that I would ever condone such a practice but buying a cheap car, and membership of a motoring organisation can be a lot cheaper than the cost of a long distance train journey... and the recovery man gets to drive :wink: :wink: :wink:
take it from one that is at Sultan - dont flog the car as there is aint a lot to do in Gosport (except for piss up, annoy the locals etc etc) and the freedom of a car would IMHO maek up for the outlay. what are you planning to do at weekends - public transport pah!!!!

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