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Uses for a CHav


War Hero
I am really pissed off that Chavs are living off my and other peoples income taxes and having to do nothing to earn their benefits. Obviously with their limited intelligence suitable work may be difficult to find.
Here are some of my suggestions, please feel free to add

1. Deck hockey puck recovery swimmer.

2. Underwater submarine bow door operator

3. Flight deck parking attendant (while at flying stations)

4. Splash target coxn

5. Spare anchor
Flexi blocks

Scare crows


Halloween costumes

Drugs testing - saves those poor animals
1. Cleaning the streets of their Maccy Dees leftovers.
2. Bait for shark fishing
3. Crash test dummies.
4. Neutering.
5. The next Big Brother, but in Alaska without the cameras.
6. Mannequin for Gieves and Hawkes. Would love to see their faces.

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