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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by mikh, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Being a bit bored I thought I would ask the question, why did you choose your avatar for RR

    mines simple its the neck of a Jefferson's Rum one of these and I thought it was apt


    Pretty sure a similar thread was started quite some time ago, but could not find it
  2. Mine was also simple.
    But I can't remember why its been a long time.
  3. Mine's Simon Weston immediately post blast.
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  4. Mine is a picture of me - thought that was the idea...
  5. Mines a picture of some water with a black thing in it.
  6. It was the most lunatic-looking-crazy-ass-dog avatar available at the time, and strangely enough - bears a remarkable resemblance to my passport photograph as well.
  7. I knew there was a reason I put this one in the gash barge, bunch of sarky twats

    Ask a straightforward question get a fucking load of bollocks back, sodding wafus and sludgemariners leading the way, at least rummers has the excuse he is a rum sozzled bruther going cold turkey in the hospital
  8. OK then, I liked the piccy plus I think BNM's is ace.
  9. Got to agree with you about BNMs but whats to like about yours????? unless you like long black things full of seamen, if so please visit rummers in hospital, he might be able to do something for you
  10. FFS BNM, it dosn't look nice at all in that size, god help us if was worse shrunk down.
  11. Currently watching "Spartacus - Gods of the Arena" and oddly enough there's quite a few sword wounds and gashes in that too.
  12. Currently sampling a dram of Aldis finest 18yo Glen Marnoch, and its not too shabby a drop
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mine is of my great grandfather. He was a nice chap by all accounts.
  14. I shew do av the black hugeness full of seamen, but I also full of shit (no change there) but this is de bad shit that cum wiv de wiv de er,......I is sic kinda fing.
    My avatar shows me as my momma tell me I is,...... gud fer nutin lazy nigga.
  15. hmmmmm have to have a think about that. Why did I choose that picture ???????????. No sorry it`s gone

    Must be getting old
  16. I think I have the same problem and I only put it up a dog watch ago
  17. Strange thing is, I remember things from over 40yrs ago quite clearly, but have to think realy hard to remember what I had for breakfast:twisted:
  18. Breakfast is no problem same thing every day, rest of the day can be interesting

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