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Well i recently found out that we go grey there TOO ffs..........
Now i gota dye that tooo....... Its bad...........

And no Im not disclosing how I found that out.... :twisted:
Stripey_G said:
Historical studies?????You mean you were studying the effects of "bearded" women who had VD??How strange!...
history is a very exciting subject Stripey_G - not all boredom and greybeards - oops sorry Josie :)


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It would be cheaper to put in your request form to discontinue shaving then pay for a Merkin. Of course the MAA would need to inspect the growth after 30 days to see if it was up to standard


Lantern Swinger
is this perhaps the origin of the term 'trying each others beards on' when refering to women in comfortable shoes?


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Referring back to Andym's first post (and link), this could be construed as incitement to defame the Union flag. Mutterings of F**k the union jack are not conducive to the furtherance of discipline amongst the general population.


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