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Useless garden tools


War Hero
You are suppossed to blow them into next doors garden, then they can pick em up for you :w00t:
I think they are supposed to use them to blow leaves into a pile and then bag, Though I suspect a garden vacum would be better fit for purpose

Today HMRC the contractors arrived and cut the grass, trimmed hedges and then eight of them walked around the grounds / car parks with leaf blowers and blew them all onto the cut grass, filed the £3k bill and left at 14:00
At 18:00 the wind had blown all the debris back onto the grounds where a new team will arrive tomorrow to pick up debris for a further £1k


The mind boggles and worries at this expense as it is you and I that are paying for it

Jack McH


War Hero
Jack_McHammocklashing said:
I think they are supposed to use them to blow leaves into a pile and then bag, Though I suspect a garden vacum would be better fit for purpose
Jack McH

I have one that sucks and blows....

It does chop up the leaves (mulch) so you can get more in a bag, but I suspect the time I would waste emptying the bag into a gashbag could be spent raking the buggers and dropping them right in a bag in the first place. It is useful though for going over all the stone/pebbles, the the blower bit for shifting grass clippings into the street/next doors garden.
I do fear what would occur if it inhaled a jobbie though. Would it be better to get a white chalky one and just see the dust poofing through the cloth bag, or a wet type with the resultant spatter inside the snail housing and contamination of the bag. Might make for a poo cannon if you could get one scooped into the nozzle then catch the [email protected] who walks his dog and lets it curl one down on your lawn in the act of shivering.

I looked through some Chindogu and there are far more useless garden tools out there.....
Mine sucks and blows too, You blow the leaves (I have 20 odd trees in my back garden) into a pile then suck-em-up and place the shreddies in the compost. It's also a good way to dry your duvet too when it's been hanging on the washing line for a few hours and still feels damp. :w00t:


War Hero
I get the wife to rake up the leaves , she does a much better job and its less tiring than a garden vac/blower. :dwarf:

OUCH !!!! shes just seen me type this and Ive just had a paffing.


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