Useful & Useless Christmas Presents

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Drakey, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. What have you been given that has been exactly what you wanted, and what absolutely totally pointless items have you received.

    I like to receive practical presents. Had a Black & Decker Workmate many years ago and it's still going strong. Screw drivers, saws, drills etc, and golf equipment, have always been willingly received. Haven't received too many naff presents over the years, not that I can recall, as I tend to drop enough hints.
  2. Should have seen the face on her miserable sod no pleasing some womenfolk.

  3. A trickle charger for my bike from Mrs R12
    A Yard of Ale jug from the MI Law
    Guess which was the naff/bezzy gizzit..!

    I'm currently trying to convince Mrs R12 that 'she' really needs a Canon EOS 1000D D-SLR with a 10-22mm lense for only 940 notes.....(more than happy to take ownership of it boxing day when she asks where the 110 film goes..!!!)
  4. On our 3th Christmas Mrs T gave me a brown jumper embroidered with a marlin(fish type) on the front. "Thats a lovely painting jumper" says I and it was put into a drawer for about 4 months untill some decorating had to be done, on went the jumper, within 30 secs it had paint over it. There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. I dont get Christmas prezzies from Mrs T any more :(
  5. The absolute pits pressy was given to me by my sister many years ago. I was serving on my avatar and I unwrapped a parcel containing half a dozen pairs of mens PAPER nix! Needless to say they made half decent indoor fireworks!
  6. Went round to a friends house today and they said that they are buying everyone charity Christmas presents this year. WTF is that all about?

    Apparently they buy you a mangy goat or cow in some third world sh1thole? And you don't even get to keep or cook the animal yourself - it gets given to some Ethiopian or Somalian you've never met and don't fvcking care about.

    How about YOU buy them the goat as a present from YOU and then buy me a proper present like a bottle of whisky you tight wadded fvckers. Guess which couple are just getting a photo of a pair of socks this year! [email protected]

    Edited to add - That's the last time I splash out on a taxi and an expensive bottle of wine just to have a sh1t lunch with them too - vegetarian cvnts!

    Rant over!
  7. My oppo went abroad for four months, and when he came back just before Crimbo, he arrived around my house with a Crissy press for me.
    He bought me a really nice lighter and 50 King Edward full Coronas.
    I was in intensive care....Heart attack.

    He came back after I was discharged with a treadmill and an ipod, and I couldn't get him to take it back, must have cost him 3 or 4 hundred sovs.
    The only detrimental thing about the man was he was in the Grenadier Guards. :twisted:
  8. Ecstatic...
    Just got a glimpse of a gizzit from missus, 'Cartoons' by 'Jack'

    Giggle all through xmas day..!
  9. Ouch! The Canon 10-22 isn't cheap, but do you need to go that wide? I'll bring along my VAT free tour treat, a 'basic' 18-55 on a rather nice Nikon-based Fuji S5. Price of kit went up went up when the pound bombed against the Euro and USD.
  10. Just a wish list mate.
    I also um'd & ar'd over a VAT free tour treat earlier this year, namely a Sony Alpha. Glad I didn't though.
    Think I'll get some more out of my Fuji S1500 before upgrading.
    Like the look of your S5 though...

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