Use of the word 'Mong' on RR

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by thingy, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I really must protest at the use of the term mong, as it is offensive to people with Down syndrome to impute their intellect sinks quite so low. I have a couple of relatives with grown-up offspring with Down syndrome and the degree of intellectual and developmental impairment varies between individuals. Whilst this term may be popular amongst the ships company of HMS Rum Ration, I should like to suggest an alternative.

    I suggest using the term LEOTARD, in "honour" of some of the dimwitted postings on another thread, to refer to these posts as Leo-tards, after Chico's oppo Leo.... :roll: OR the traditional term of abuse: PLANK!


    Thingy is a real plank at times!

    I wish that leotard Thingy would shut the feck up!
  2. :roll: :roll: Or Thingy is wearing his LEOTARD again :wink: :sex: :sex:
  3. I've heard that Thingy cuts a fine figure in his leotard.
  4. Or Thingy needs a plank strapped to his back :sex: :sex:
  5. Thank goodnes it is a spoof! I thought the PC police had got to us! :lol:

    Now then, about Anton du Bec and Cheryl Cole - second thoughts, let's not bother.
  6. Oh deary me, Thingy.
    Traditional terms of abuse for the Air Raid Wardens of your ilk would have been "Silly sausage." or "Ganges fixated muppet." (If only those Old Buffers of the ROC had known the use to which you would put their dits, that you no doubt encouraged them to spin, here on RR in your Nozzy Nozzer guise.).
    It is of course a disgraceful slur on Downs people to compare them to the likes of bone muppets like Chico, TimDrZoidberg and the latest Leo_Twunt, but it's a hard world out there and no doubt they'll hear far worse if they persist in their boneness during their Naval careers.
    As for the Downs Syndrome population I doubt that any will ever serve and it's unlikely that any will venture into the Newbies section of RR, unless they're impossibly dafter than Chico, Dr Z etal, so the only person with a problem with usage of the M word is you.
    Follow the usual route of the meddling twunt of late and;
    A) Complain to the site sponsors.
    B) Take it to the Police.
    Or if it offends your sensibilities so much how about ferkin' off, you walting Mong!
  7. How unkind NZB, Thingy was only expressing an opinion.

    This is why I prefer the term vark as a term of abuse, as in NZB sometimes, in between shagging sheep and getting wet, you are vark.
  8. Yer; but is he an 'ard Vark?
  9. Not to be confused with an aardvark, of course
  10. .....I shan't be playing any of my T-Rex LP's anymore then....
    'cos I'm sure the chorus in one song is:-

    "Get it on"
    "Bang a M***"
    "Get it on"

    (and here's me thinking it was *Gong*)
  11. Can we watch blazing Saddles in PC safety... Candygram for Mongo.....Mongo like candy
  12. hey you guys now that mong was a mong i wouldnt call a mong to his face.
    hope i didnt overuse the term mong there.
  13. Mong is most likely derived from 'Mongoloid' as in appearance. If one were said to be a mongo, mong etc it would imply they had mongoloid-esque features.

    Short story long, you're all racist mongs.
  14. Ooooooooo! If you can't take a joke, NZB, you shouldn't have joined! :twisted: :roll:

    PS: In the ROC, odd though it may seem to hardened booties, we didn't swear, and 'silly sausage' might have been the sort of thing that was said! :D

    As I like your excellent & accurate description of me below, I shall add it to my signature! :p :twisted:
  15. Mongs by their very, intrinsic nature, cannot be racist. Also to be racist you need to recognise the concept of "race".

    As a Mong I am therefore, er..... what was I saying?
  16. :lol:
  17. Well if none of you chaps fancied living in Monger Lane, how about attending lectures in ?

    The Mong Building

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