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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. I was discussing RR in comparison with ARRSE and PPRuNe with my bruv a ex Crab Navigator and he did a quick check at 11.30 am BST which showed:

    "Some interesting stats. People on line at 1130;
    Pprune.1765 of which 190 are on the military flying site."

    PPRuNe had 340 more people on line than RR has members. Is this to do with the serving matelot:

    1. having much less access to the internet in normal working hours?
    2. He/she is not interested in the content of RR
    3. Jack/RN Officers are a different creature to Crabs and Pongoes. The people on both sites talk a much more introvert language than I was ever use to.
    4. Jack is much less of a Company/Service person than either of the other two services.
    5. Jack is far more bound to his oppos and ship alone than a Regiment or Branch/employment/Service than the other two services.

    Having followed PPRuNe military forum and having had a wander around ARRSE I formed the opinion that both the other services are very much tied up with kit and its use. Never here any one here have a go about a radio type or a 4.5 turret and gun, radar or EW set, steaming bats or a sleeping bag. Tactics and similar problems. Jack rarely sees Senior Officers and even less actually speaks to them on a one to one basis.

    Also, other than the Corp and person attached to it few if in Pusser have been involved in a hot war since 1982 (Falklands). By hot war I mean when the bullet/shell/missile/torpedo are traveling in both directions. Both the other services, even as crab ground crew sending there planes off to the front line are involved regularly.

    Most of the Corp would be more at home on ARRSE talking the same language/problems/attitudes/equipment.

    I am not certain what RR can offer serving personnel and would like serving RN MOD's in particular to state what they feel can be offered.

  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I certainly agree with some of your sentiments Nutty and I have made my very strongly felt feelings public before despite the protests of a minority of the members of this site.

    Firstly I'd say that matelots aren't that different to pongos and crabs nowadays especially with so many of us working in purple environments. Likewise, I know of crabs and pongo's filling matelot billets. I think it's a good thing as it makes us see what the other services have to endure/get.

    As for being in combat, well, I know of several matelots who've seen action and I know of one guy who got a confirmed kill on the ground in Eye Rack. You've got to remember that it's mainly the teeth arms of the army that have experienced close combat. Don't forget that the army have support arms such as REME, Int Corp etc,etc.

    I wouldn't say that Jack is more loyal to his ship. I know of a few trades in the RN where loyalty is to the branch rather than the unit.

    A lot of it stems down to what I've said before and that is currently serving matelots aren't keen to post here due to some of the content being, well, a bit 'uncle albertesque'. But then again, navy news isn't exactly a fantastic read either and especially in the letters page, the majority of the contributors are of the G spot era etc.

    Besides, a lot of baby matelots would rather crawl into their bunk and play PSP than interact with another human......:(
  3. Maybe the other sites don't have obnoxious, up their own backside, wannabe moderators who delete posts on a whim?
  4. TAKE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bang :roll:
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I certainly hope that you that you are not inferring such accusations upon myself. I have only ever deleted one thread on this site and that was from a slapper asking for a penpal.
  6. Personally I think it is because RR is much, much younger than either of the other two sites. This site has actually done very well in building up awareness since it was founded but still has a long, long way to go.

    I continue to be of the opinion that RR will continue to increase in popularity and that it is a gradual process.
  7. It's probable that JJ doesn't have such ready access to a PC as his/her Perce and Crab opposite numbers, but it bears consideration that the RN is a pretty small community. It's also not easy to compare hardware, as you might between the crap issue rifle that UK forces get and the ultra reliable, Perce-proof kit that, say, the Russians use.

    Somebody's already said it in the "Who is RR for?" thread. Shit, shower, shave and out to whatever is today's equivalent of Joanna's, rather than spiel on a chat site!
  8. They know who they are.
  9. How old is Arrse, and how old is PPrune?

    RR only started 6 months ago.
  10. Cheeky sod, still insisting that the old sailers are frightening off the baby sailers, has he no ears, the baby sailers have been on here and said that they quite enjoy the old sea stories that are flying about, Oh well I suppose he did spell albertesque rite which was pretty impressive.
    Mind he was only stating his opinion, which is right and proper, so here’s mine:
    Trolls that post this sort of unnecessary shit condemning kindly peace loving old stokers, should be hung up by their thumbs with large weights attached to their balls until they have learnt some fcukin manners, see it`s not nice, it`s destructive and unnecessary, bit like those kids that smash up bus stops and stuff , I`ll never understand their mentality. Well yes I suppose I understand them perfectly, they are total scum and they should be hung out to dry with heavy weights ect. ect.
    It`s all totally unnecessary you know, I used to live in Singapore and the vandalism there was zero, WHY? I`ll bleedin tell ya, it was cause they used to get the buggers and give erm a public flogging, mind you there was a bit of burglary , but that was down to the fact that they had no minimum wage , not their fault, and er, they used to pinch cars a lot, but then that was understandable when a ford escort cost 35 grand, er, and there was a few pickpockets about down by the sweetwater canal, also it was best to stay on the move, as if you stood still for to long the fuckers would have your bootlaces. In fact when I think about it , it was a bleedin orrible place to live , the thieving buggers.

    Where was I?

  11. About to take your Meds????Dont forget the Blue ones before the red Ones!
  12. Sorry Andy, but this one just keeps going round and round, afraid I can’t take it seriously any more.

  13. Think RR is doin Ok .

    I think there was a couple of drips about the elderly and the posts but not that serious.

    The Navy personnel at the moment seem to be doing lots of sea/oversea time --I expect those that do have access to a PC are more interested in doing emails --

    Those in shore bases --as the man said--shit,shave shampoo shoreside here we come.
  14. This is what I wrote in the forum 'What is RR for?' which I think is relevant here, with a few modifications...

    I share the views held elsewhere, with the emphasis on light touch regulation/ moderation by the Mods. Of course the Mods are working hard and treading a difficult path, and wish to join in the banter - it is a difficult line to tread, I have been there in my work as a spare-time charity coordinator (and since stopping) - I have never felt able to seek help or discuss my own problems with my genetic condition because I felt I'd be letting people down by exposing my real feeling/problems - that is not something we want to subject our Mods to - in the longer term it would only risk being counterproductive. I do think however that an invisible line needs to be drawn in the proverbial sand to demarkate what is the opinion of the Moderator as Matelot and the Moderator as Mod. In particular I do feel that when acting as Mods there is an unspoken, but implicit duty to behave in a more diplomatic, and dare I say it, neutral manner and not behave like a drunken matelot in a china shop. As Moderator Phoo-Phoo you might think that X is a pain in the backside but you don't necessarily say so, though in your non-official capacity as Matelot Goffer you might join in the banter and call X an pain in the futtocks. Doing so as a Mod looks unprofessional! The latter reflect ill upon us all and only invites retaliation. Might I venture to suggest a compromise: that Mods seriously consider registering under two names: their official name as Moderator and a seperate account solely for personal comment. This would facilitate a seperation of personal opinion with official monitoring and interaction where called upon to do so.

    My second point concerns the user friendliness or otherwise of RR itself. When I first encountered RR I felt very shy about posting anything, feeling that one needed to have vast experience in the RN before being in the position that qualified one to open one's proverbial mouth and ask any questions. If someone like me with 3 years in the RNXS behind me feels like this, how might a new recruit or say a baby sailor feel, upon joining its first ship - do they too feel like "outsiders"? This outsider status is one that one of two other people I know (who are, incidentally ex-RN) feel about the site. The opening page is somewhat intimidating at first - although there is a banner welcoming visitors to the site, it is a big shock at first! The specific complaints I have received are that people do not have time to learn to navigate the confusing fora to locate a thread they are interested in and to which they might wish to contribute. The fora titles are confusing to newbies.

    Perhaps the opening page needs rethinking from a users' perspective, seeking the input of our own newbies and others regarding improvements. Some sort of simplified fora classification system would help which are clearer. For example the Quarterdeck - whose purpose is confusing to novices, could be replaced by something more obvious. I tentatively suggest that the fora titles be reviewed. The following ideas came to mind when thinking about this problem earlier today (revised):-


    Thinking of joining the RN - FAQs

    Newbies - for newcomers to Rum Ration
    Nozzers - New Entries/trainees/baby sailors


    The Fleet - Royal Navy

    Shore Bases (current)

    The Corps - Royal Marines


    Diamond Lil's - where anything goes (almost)


    Old Hands - for ex-RN
    The Dustbin - for all topics regarding obsolete training establishments

    RN Enthusiasts

    Plus all the others like site issues, etc.

    These titles and fuller explanations could also be available online in the from of an introductary couple of pages just to get people started - in a point by point explanation.

    Yours dartily,


    (Written off the coast of Iceland :))
  15. Think I agree with you there Bad_CO , just takes a bit of time , and a little pushing at times , I mention it on a daily basis :roll:
  16. And you were wondering why you were given the OXY avatar as an early birthday present. As I can see this topic has been going round more than Jodie Marsh's mug.

    Always_a_Civvy/Bad_CO and a few others have pointed out some rather good directions. Rum is 6 months old, Arrse is years old and the same with Pprune aka of course they are going to have more members online and offline than Rum has altogether. Relax, pull up a chair and put the kettle on, wait another 6 months and the site may grow to something bigger and better, however, threads like this popping up every 5 minutes is going to push people away rather than attract them.
  18. I agree, these things take time and effort from those trying to get it off the ground.

    I think RR will never be the same as the other places mentioned because first the community is different, and equally the environment is different.

    Keep up the good work

  19. Agree with all those who put it down to time. We haven't even made it to the first birthday and already there are 1400 plus members. That's pretty good considering that you can't exactly advertise in Navy News. Most of this is word of mouth.

    As for content - I have no complaints. It's a good way of keeping in touch with what's going on in the real world and like anything that is worthwhile - you only get out what you are prepared to put in.

    Particularly amusing when someone out pins and stands back for the bang. Keep on passing the word around. Add the web address to your email signature block. It will come! Do we have a praying smiley?

  20. Hit the nail on the head there mate , I was speaking to a couple of serving Medics at work today [both members by the way] , they just have'nt got the time with all there service commitments , but do use the site when back at Derriford for a couple of weeks at a time , just got to keep at it , keep promoting it when we get the opportunity, and like the man said we are not a year old yet , so not as black as it looks realy :lol:

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