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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Welbexian_RN, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. I've just done a recent ROE update and have been told that bayonets are soon to be deemed an "excessive use of force" (something our SRs and SNCOs disagree with), while the three orange light/circle markings that define nuclear power stations, dams, dykes, etc. are to be removed as they are viable targets!
    Surely this cannot be true.
  2. WTF? the only time I know of usage of bayonets is ceremonial and very close quarter fighting. If it's close quarter fighting then surely it's not a case of excessive force it's a case of you or the idiot who's coming at you or your oppo with the intent to terminally stop you. Plus it would only be fixed if you were given the order and for that to happen you would already have enough problems on your plate to start worrying about "excessive force".
    As to the removal of nuclear markings I can see where they're going with that one but if it's attatched to a wacking great reactor complex there really is no need coz you can't really hide that..........doh.
  3. That is just crazy!!! What do they want us to do? Turn round to the enemy who are running full pelt with the view to end your chances of getting your pension and say Stop Royal Navy, we can not stab you because it is against our ROE's. Lets sit down and grab a hot wet and talk about it.
  4. You must remember your IS/CI training? Roll out the white tape, unfurl the banner and read the words from the card. In the likely event of a Cornish rebellion they would go something like this....

    Oi! Jan, put those stones down moi luvver or we will 'ave to invade Torpoint......

  5. I agree, bayonets should be deemed an "excessive use of force".

    Nuclear Weapons are just FINE!
  6. Of course bayonets are in line for a ban!You might get a nasty scratch!
  7. Talking of scratches!

    Went to the see the Nurse the other day for my annual blood test for old age.

    As usual, she says "Ok, just a little scratch" and before she got the needle in, I says "that's not actually true is it?"

    "what do you mean?" she says.

    and I says "Well, your actually going to stab me with that needle, not scratch me with it, aren't you?"

    "Well, Yes!" she says.

    "So why lie to me then?" I says.

    I left the surgery just about then!
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Let me guess, the Health & Safety Police will soon be attached to all units that are issued with bayonets to ensure that the bayonet is only used for prescribed purposes and is not used for giving the enemy a taste of cold steel (they don't like it up 'em Capt Mainwaring!). No doubt, the powers that be will soon be only issuing blank ammunition, after all live rounds can kill (oh, ear defenders will be freely available to all combatants to minimise the risk of being sued following the onset of premature deafness).
  9. Wouldn't be the first time :roll:

  10. Ah,but you may have been offended if she had said "just a little prick!" :lol: :lol:
  11. No Andy she "knows" me better that that!

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