Discussion in 'International' started by cornishgolfer, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Seems to be a topic for every country bar the US.....

    So here it is!
  2. He he good on yer mate, best of luck and watch my tracer
  3. "Big place over the Pond, nice but spoilt as it is full of Yanks"
  4. Nutty I think anywhere is just that much better than the sh*thole that his once great country has now become.

  5. Sort of like France really. Love the country, the diferances with north and south but FROGS........grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Septics arent too bad as long as you tell them the USA is the greatest at anything
  6. Of the two and by a large margin I'd settle for Gallic variety at least they make decent wine! and let's face it there is a tad more shared history - Honi soit que mal y pense and all that!
  7. They like deep fried life


    Blue on blue gives them sexual thrills

  8. But not "spoilt" that bad.. come on over.. bring lots of $$$$$.. yer Pound or Euro or whatever goes a long way here now..

    We have better central heat.. warmer beach water for swimming.. and after five or six beers, ours is as good as any.. and we have all of yer favorite TV shows..

    :glasses8: :glasses8: :glasses8: :glasses8: :glasses8: :glasses8:

    NOTE: Worked for Cable & Wireless after retirement.. y'all can't say anything that I haven't heard before.

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  9. Only if you can find a decent microbrewery and there aren't that manyof them.

    I must admit there are a fair number of decent folks there, but with a population that size the law of averages would indicate that is likely. I must admit that in a very unrepresentative personal survey over some 30 years of visiting I have found only one lace I might have liked to live, and that was called 'Niceville', sort of puts you of doesn't it.

  10. Malcontent

    I have not been to the US of A for 40 years now, but have planned a three day visit to San Fran later this year on route to NZ so I guess I may meet a few natives among the tourists.

    As for the beer like all larger style beers be thay Yank, Oz. German, Spanish or Indian they can only be drunk "Ice Cold" when you cannot actually taste them because your taste buds are frozen. At any other temperature that taste shit. Try here for real beer with flavour.


  11. Nutty, some septics have realised that you can have good beer, stuff Camra would be proud of. They make it in micro breweries and they are becoming quite common so when you get over there try and find out if there is a bar near where you are staying that is supplied by one and you will have an alternative to the zinfandel
  12. Dunno about that; their women are a lot of fun.. :thumright:

  13. Paris Hilton for example. :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  14. I'd rather spend 10 hours on a plane to the States than one hour to France.
    (Unless of course the one to France was fitted with a bomb sight) :thumright:
    give me a Septic over a Frog any day.
  15. RRat I agree. Crap wine, get yer head out of yer arse. Some of the Napa valley wines are as good if not better than froggy brew.

    No micro breweries,,,,,,,,,mmmmmmm nope. Samuel Adams is a great brew and now its got bigger n better.

    San Fran, better bring a sweater or coat. It gets wet AND cold, even in summer it'll be in the 50's when the fog roles in...and believe me, you have never seen fog like this b4.......its thicker than a thick person from Thicksville, Arizona
  16. Sam Adams may be the best of a pretty poor bunch, but great, hmmm, no not really. Now I would agree there are the odd thickos in Arizona, after all it has to take it's fare share from the rest of the US, but I do know of an excellent micro brewery in Tucson, does a very passabe porter and a close approximation of 80/-. For the smoker, their brewerybar was one of the few places in Tucson where you could drink and smoke inside.
  17. We drove around the US in a Motorhome for 2 years. Visited every state bar 6.

    Alaska............. too effing cold and a long way in and out.
    Utah.................I only have 1 wife.
    North Dakota.....Why.
    Kentucky...........Drove around it but the wife has been there on business.
    Minnesota..........Cold and why.
    Hawaii.............. No bridge.

    We discovered BBQ, nope not grilling on a gas burner , but real BBQ. mmm luvly jubbly. And some fantastic downtown eateries, such as the Brickwoods in Kansas City..which is mostly in Missouri??
  18. It is still a great country stan......just run by *********.
  19. M and M's(Maxi and Malcontent)

    I have found one micro brewer in striking distance of Fishermans Wharf "The San Fransico Brewing Company"

    So I will give them a visit

  20. Stirling nice point however its also populated by lots of a-holes most of em I'm ashamed to say are white unemployable and oxygen thiefs. Easy life for the undeserved , 3 kids by three different fathers all on benefit and stealing from honest working people. Living down here in deepest Cornwall fields full of daffodils, cauliflowers and spuds all being picked by jolly foreigner not a fecking welfare scrounger in sight.
    If you ever get near the Torpoint ferry mate they have just built a lovely new site of "affordable homes" just for said people on benefits. Won't take them long to trash them though.
    We have let the loonies and lefties take over the asylum mate and we are only going in one direction and deep.

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