USA future in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. It would appear that George WBYa is going for broke. Tonight he has sacked and replaced the two senior Generals in Iraq who have both spoken out against the plan to increase USA forces by 20% with a view to enforce his will on Iraq by brute strength of arms.

    The last actions of a Politician who sees both his place in history and any belief he was even an adequate President slipping down the pan because he listened to Right Wing Hawks, Big Business and the Jewish Lobby.

  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    And indeed, in Vietnem they believed they could swamp the 'men on bikes' with more troops and succeed. See also The Sudan. See also The Lebanon.

    Won't these ******* ever learn?

  3. Gluttons for punishment.
  4. I truly wish that you were right in your assumptions Nutty, but I have a bad feeling that this is about Dubya positioning the US for war with Iran. The Democrats just took over Congress and the Senate and he is trying to kick off Armageddon before anyone can stop him.

    He has totally ignored the ISG recommendations and is still listening to the Neocons, the Likudniks and the Halliburtons. It's relatively quiet in Iraq at the moment but I sense the calm before the storm

  5. Why is it that we have now reached a level of technology and knowledge that should enable most of the world to live in peace and comfort, yet the leaders of our counties' are such dim witted fucks that seem intent on dooming our planet to a perpetual state of aggro?

  6. Its a terrifying thought Bergs. Also the fact that forces are stretched to the limit and that Soldiers are burned out by so many back to back operational tours, doesnt give much confidence for the "big push" into Iran.

    Its water under the bridge now, but WHY THE FCK did the American people vote to keep him in office? Surely they must see this cnut for what he is? A prize BARSTEWARD!!

    On a sideline mate, what do you think of Barack Obama?
  7. What sort of reply can you give to that? You can't can you? Armageddon here we come, ready or not!

    I'm not one to adovocate mutiny lightly because IT IS a dirty word, but hell if we (the UK and the USofA) don't do something pretty damn soon it'll be that or we're all DOOMED (Mr Mannering)! Please God, it don't get that far! :( :( :(
  8. of course :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D
  9. In this day and age when the president of the U.S.A. seems to dictate policy to the prime minister of Britain, its about time we had a vote in U.S.A. presidential elections.
  10. As a "yank" (but hopefully not a "******" to boot) I would be interested to hear from some of you unabashed critics how you would conduct the Iraqi operation if you were in charge.
  11. Good call jumpinjarhead. Dubya successfully enforced the regime change policy in Iraq accepted during his predecessor's second term. He was let down by a lack of vision and imagination by various US agencies in planning phase IV, not to mention the UN, Russia and France in the years leading up to GW2.

    The question is should the USA cut and run as some on here (and in Congress) appear to hope or try to achieve what they and the British government set out to do - bring stability and democracy to Iraq?

    Like the GWOT, which at its inception some of us were looking at thirty years to win, it is going to take a very long time and I doubt many on here are in any position to advise the best way forward.

    If Iran is around the corner I hope the Phase IV equivalent is planned in detail before the event. However, I suspect you will soon be able to leave Iran to the Israelis...........
  12. If \I really had to come up with a solution I would not want to start here, we are perhaps now at the point of getting out and letting them sort themselves out as being the best answer. Too many people have got used to killing and there is always an easy target to blame, the invader. Perhaps if they were left to themselves they would get tired of the killing sooner.

    To the casual observer on the outside it does look terribly as if there was no real plan of what to do after the war part was won which allowed the various armed groups to form and set up power bases that have really become virtually impossible for the coalition troops to either deal with or disarm.
  13. :idea: If the Brits and the Yanks had left S H in charge of Iraq ( like Bush Sr. and John Major did) there would have been no problems for us there. Better the devil you know :eek: Maybe he was an a'hole but he was being an a'hole to his own people :twisted: I think the Yanks should fight there own battles like Vietnam and Mogadishu and leave us out of it :D
  14. I’m afraid not leavers, the yanks will never learn. They have the biggest, best and most expensive toys (sic) in the world and think they run it.
    Problem is not everyone thinks that. Wish b liar did though.
  15. Of course the issues involved here are beyond the scope of this forum to satisifactorily discuss (much less resolve!) but I would suggest tha tif a discussion is really desired (and I believe that is always healthy), perhaps the name-calling and ad hominem attacks can be replaced with real discourse.

    I fully realize that these issues are life and death and as such they generate strong emotions, but if we are the professionals we profess to be it seems to me we can channel these into more productive communication, as I value the perspective of others, especially RMs.

    Please accept these observations in the humble spirit in which they are offered--I realize I am a newcomer in this forum.
  16. Dear jumpingjarhead, if you think that response was bad you may be in the wrong place. Arguement here is robust, name calling normal, after all this is an organisation where the term b******d is a term of endearment.

    If you want to make headway yoiu will have to stand your corner and give as good as you get. We are robust yes but not unapproachable, sometimes some of our members even do pay attention to the other sides argument.

    Join in and enjoy yourself and learn as well.
  17. Thanks Peter. I hope I have not suggested in any way that I am a namby-pamby "metrosexual" or anything!

  18. Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Colonel!
    I joined this site when it was one month old, jumped in, and made a damned fool of myself (come to think of it; nothing's really changed).
    Hope you stick around longer than the various other Americans who've joined (and bailed, apparently).

    BTW: I was an airdale
    II MAW
    H&MS-14 (ord)

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