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Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. I was in Capetown waiting for a flight home for Demob '66 and a USA chap I knew who worked for the Consulate or something like that asked if I would consider,on Demob,a transfer to the USA Navy.
    He made it sound attractive,train up slightly to their ways and as I was a Seaman Gunner GA2,trained on USA 3"[Victorious] also Nile Qualified then after two years I would get USA citizenship.
    One snag was you had to serve in Vietnam! but considering the USA Navy never saw much of war except for the River Patrol boats,it would have been a doddle.
    I once did a two weeks swap on a Yank Carrier and they had steaks for breakfast! I could live with that! and a coffee pot bubbling away on every flat.
    I know that their Army and Helicopter/door gunners volunteers did get offered this Green Card acceptance[I read a good book by one UK volunteer who did it as a door gunner]
    Just wondered if anyone has from the Mob.
    I had 3 kids at the time so I couldn't but often wondered what if?but on reflection the I'm glad I stayed in the UK,I hate Yankee beer!
    Edited to add they have crap hats!
  2. Because you hail from the north east wouldn't you have had to learn English to live in the States?:-D
    And if you had gone to Vietnam the gooks would have come out the underground bunkers to see what the hell the strange noise was when you were talking. It could have been a turning point in the war, but you fucked it. Fuckin matelots spoil everything.:laughing2:
  3. Rummers - it not called USA recruiting - it's called slavery!
  4. It's poss Rummie but just think of how I could have changed the country for the better,thousands of blond haired kids running around shouting "Why Aye Man!,Hinney and I'll fight any Fecker south of Hanoi "
    Viet Cong are Pussies compared with Geordies on the lash!
    Anyway I would have probably won the Con.Medal of Honour had seven wives from Kentucky,with twenty two kids playing Banjos and reaming their sisters.
    I reckon I would have made it in the US of A and with my looks and cut glass British accent films would be the next stop! Brad Pitt and Clooney would be stand ins for me you can be sure{ Think I'm sobering up now!]
    I've dipped out big time!

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