US will confront Iran's 'murderous activities'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. The man is a bigger buffoon than I thought he was and will stoop to any ploy in feeble attempts to cover up his gross ineptitude. Obviously he has never heard the saying 'engage brain before mouth'. Here they are unable to pacify Iraq and he is rattling his sabre at Iran and we need to keep well out of it if it does kick off.
  2. Just what we need, more rhetoric aimed at Iran from the Chimp in Chief....we should steer well clear of any involvment with this one.
  3. I hope we keep well clear of it.
  4. He could do with tackling his own country's murderous activities first! After all this is the President of a country (the USA) which thinks it's acceptable to put 12 year old boys on Death Row. Even the Mullahs don't execute small children nowadays.
  5. Not defending Bushypoo, but AAC, you may want to retract the Mullahs don't execute children bit..may have been 16 and 18, but they are still someone's kids... unless because it's the BBC you think the photo is fake...

    Also our erstwhile Ally Saudi Arabia can wash it's own hands in the blood of children..

    How does that saying go? those that live in Glass Houses....
  6. Hang on - is this the same forum that was all for it against Iran for kidnapping our sailors and marines, for hijacking our boats in the Shatt, for arming and training the insurrection in Basra, for throwing their terror across the border? Look, I don't want to go downtown to Tehran anytime soon, but to stand idly by is...well, cowardly. I agree we haven't got the heads or equipment to go into Iran, and that the international climate is not really conducive. But, FFS, we can't just stand by.

  7. Well, as Mr Ahmadinnerjacket would say 'You and whose army'?

    If shrub pisses off the Iranians you can bet the garrison at Basra will write another glorious chapter in the British Army Book of Glorious Last Stands.
  8. no offense AAC, you're full of it. the youngest boy in the US put on death row was 15 - who was freed to a juvenile institution a few years later. Now, the UK has definitive proof that it executed a 10 year old cabin boy whose crime was being on a pirate sloop. Admittedly, this was a few hundred years ago, but since when does time make a difference in a crime?
  9. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    That's right. We'll just lob in a couple of spare divisions we have loafing about in barracks back in blighty. Bring out L10 and L11 as well. The Iranians will be on their toes, for sure!

  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Jarhead, if you can find any of the lads relatives I'm sure the UK will apologise and pay them compensation. Why should he be left out. :dwarf: :dwarf:
  11. If we had continued with this trait them perhaps this country wouldn't be in the shit state it is now with no go streets after 1800 all ruled by yobs.
  12. I do wish the Shrub would finish one job before starting on another. His successor is going to have one hell of a lot of clearing up to do.
  13. The U.S. refuses to learn the lessons of history and Mr Shrub plainly hasn't heard the old expression 'The pot calling the kettle black'.
    One day it will come out as to what has been driving this man forward in such a fashion.
  14. I watched his speech on the news, expecting the men in white coats to take him away at any moment.
  15. Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama? Agreed mate, whoever gets in is going to have a lot of sh*t to clear up thanks to shrub. Ther scary thing is, he aint finished yet!!!
  16. Ignoring that fool BUSH. I agree with OSLO, this forum was very different when first our sailors were taken. Myself and OSLO are both well aware of the current military problems, so I ask the question:
    what are we going to do with IRAN, surely you guys dont believe we should just leave them alone?
    Maybe getting the EU to do something, I read somewhere that the largest customer of Iran is Germany.
  17. I don't think "we" (the UK) can do anything per se. We don't have the manpower or the resources. I agree pressure should be brought to bear from the E.U. and the countries that are Iran's largest customers, but personally, I'd rather someone else take on this problem whilst we are stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq for the foreseeable future.
  18. I agree to a point mate. There is no way we can ignore Iran and hope they go away, because its not going to happen. However its impossible to ignore Bush as, any direct conflict with Iran is almost certainly going to be kicked off by him!!
  19. For what it's worth my gut feeling is to continue the process of isolating them, and at the same time offering the rewards of being more sensible. Iran is a semi democratic country and Imadinnerjacket is elected, contain him till the next elections and see what happens. The countries politics has swung backwards and forwards over the past 20 years but the trend has always been towards a raprochment with the west. Interestingly France has become even more critical in recent weeks, and Germany is under new management too so perhaps Imadinnerjackets opportunity to split the west is receding, and this may also change the tone.

    The reality is uness we can borrow a couple of hundreds of thousands of troops from somewhere for ten years or so we have no real ability to put bullets where our mouths are, and I suspect an punitive bombing campaign would only help to secure re-election for Imadinnerjacket.

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