US to Sue for Financial Losses including UK Banks

BBC News - US regulator to sue banks over subprime mortgage losses

I wonder if this will now lead to UK Government sueing them as well. Icelandic Government semed to have the idea that you can tell all investors in their bank to FO. Several UK councils lost millions, whilst the UK Govet. did nothing.
The Royal Bank of Scotland seems to be one of the main protracters of the entire finacial crisis, I think Finknottle ought to resign immediately.
It seems to be something of trend where the Septics are concerned - when the dark and smelly hits the fan blame someone else, anyone else, no matter how absurd it may seem, but don't point any finger of blame homewards unless there really is no alternative ... by the way, what share of responsibility has been established for Halliburton et al (and not to mention the 99% US home-grown yeeha management and grunts at BP (USA) over the oil spill?
There are a lot of rumours going around the City that, yes the US banks made toxic loans / mortgages but this was a Federal requirement under equality social justice and positive discrimination. This has been surpressed whilst the brown stuff hit the fan. If it is true it will be an interesting court case.

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