US Submariners die in Plymouth.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. A sad loss.What happened???

    BBC Website Friday, 29 December 2006, 17:36 GMT

    "Two crew die in submarine tragedy

    Ships have to go through the Sound to get to the city's naval base
    Two members of an American submarine have died after getting into trouble in Plymouth Sound.
    They were among four crew who had become stuck on casing on the outside of the USS Minneapolis-St Paul and could not get back inside.

    A rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose, a tug boat and a lifeboat were sent to the crew's aid while they were tied on to the side of the 110m (362ft) vessel.

    They were brought back to shore and taken by ambulance to hospital.

    'Battered about'

    A spokesman for Brixham Coastguard said: "The four got into difficulties while on the outer casing of the submarine.

    "They were unable to get back on board, they were tied on but getting battered about by the weather.

    "A helicopter was launched along with the Plymouth lifeboat and a tug and they were brought in."

    A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman confirmed two of the crew were pronounced dead on Friday afternoon and the coroner was being informed.

    The American nuclear-powered attack submarine, which is based in Norfolk, Virginia, has a crew of 110 and can reach speeds exceeding 25 knots (29mph). Its weapons include torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

    The Ministry of Defence said it could not comment on what the vessel was doing in British waters.

    However, submarines have to travel through the Sound to get to and from the city's Devonport Naval Base."
  2. Just read about this on the Beeb.

    What a tragic accident.

    RIP, Chaps :-(
  3. RIP gentlemen

  4. Looks like the USS Minneapolis was entering The Sound through the western approach and was pooped by a goffer somewhere between the Breakwater Light and Redding Point. Dangerous bit of water particularly in gale conditions. Latest report says 7 casualties of which 2 are dead.

    Plymouth's Evening Herald gets it all completely wrong......"it's a 337 tonne submarine and the casualties were landed on sure" {sic} ............janners!!!

    Commiserations to friends and families of the dead submariners and to the USN.


  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Stand Easy gentlemen and Rest in Peace.

    Bergen wrote

    Janner journos!

    BBC Report

    Enlisted Officers eh?

    Seriously ladies and gentlemen, let's not speculate or point fingers, not that anyone has yet. The events seem obvious. Journalists will be visiting RR and ARRSE and quote mining ahead of the official inquest.
  6. Have sent an email to the BBC requesting they remove Finger A from ******** B.

    Edited to add: And they've now changed it. Power to the people!
  7. Just heard it on the news. A tragic loss. RIP lads.

    Keep Striving.
  8. Sad Sad day!

    without to much speculation, the weather here is horendious (and not very nice either)! the boat sailed about 1100 (held the ferry up), the news states they were on the casing 'leaving? the Sound' when four guys on the casing got into difficulties, two died and two were airlifted to hospital (Derriford), the two in Hospital have been released.

    Something wrong there. trouble is I'm not sure if it's rubbish reporting (regular feature hereabouts - 'bloody janners') or something else! wouldn't like to say - what I will say it's not a nice way to go!

    condolences to the families and the rest of the crew

    RIP guys

    the Walrus

  9. Oooooooppps.......Janner journos .......I was born in Cornwall myself a Jacker and must admit that I always thought that cousin Jan wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer; journo or not............used to fish a lot in that little area between Fort Picklecombe and the Breakwater and it can really be treacherous in there particularly if the weather veers from SW to SSW and the lee from Penlee Point is lost.

  10. Met office giving force 8 to 9 from the SW issued early this morning for the Plymouth area.
  11. Rest in peace men , my thoughts are with yous all & your families , so fxxxxxxxg sad ,
  12. RIP lads, sleep well and be easy.

  13. RIP Fellas!
  14. Very, very sad. A good reminder that you dont have to be in a war zone (Although, Plymouth these days, it's arguable) to be in danger.

    Stand easy fellas :(
  15. Anther two left on their "Last Patrol" a sad day.

    They were not the first to be goffered off the casing. 1967 we lost Sub Lt Campbell off the casing of Truncheon as we left the Tyne. Body recovered 3 months later. We also had an AB go off the aft casing in the Solent but he was quickly recovered and returned by a yacht only soggy and shocked.

  16. Know what you mean Nutty we had 4 booties washed off the casing during a submerged lock-out practice in the Gareloch; only one made it to surface. Fleet Clearance Diving Team picked the 3 bodies up from the seabed 2 days later.

  17. RIP lads.

  18. R.I.P. lads.

    Re the reporting, I had news 24 on last night and it was pathetic, a reporter from outside the area (don’t think I’ve seen him before) standing on the Hoe during the night in that weather for affect and wondering why they could get little information for Christ sake its an American SSN therefore technically the incident took place on American and you know what they are like with anything to do with nuclear boats and accidents and anything to do with health and safety down here.
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The HMCS/m Chicoumiti story ( October 2004) on Sky or maybe it was BBC News 24 was one of those times where the power of the media dipped big time. There was 'Telly World' and reality.

    Journos hate it when they are excluded. I love it when journos are excluded. Sorry, you do not have a right to know everything and we are not giving you a lift in a helo to the scene.

    I'm surprised they are not making stuff up this time too.


    Edited to remove an extra zero from '20004'. Wireless keyboards! :mad:
  20. RIP fellas, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

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