uS Skipper and Exec. Relieved of command.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    That long?

    Depressing story though!
  2. We'd have no navy left if we were that strict.
  3. This a good one! a) he is a sundodger (wearing USN kissing kippers) and b) he is named after a Dr Who monster (Dalek)!

    He should go far!
  4. I am appalled we've been spared the details as that sounds as if it was a mega run ashore.They would have been ready for anything after eating that giant oggy he's being presented with.
  5. Are you sure that's a boats badge, their skimmers wear a surface warfare badge that looks similar from a distance

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  6. More badges than you can shake a stick at. Probably as Wrecker suggests

  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    When I was with the Yanks in Kuwait we used to love reading about the COs being fired in the Stars and Strips whilst in the DFAC They have no problems firing people for poor performance
  8. Dr Who’s mate must be really P**sed of, takes command July and because his XO and MEO go and get rat arsed he gets, reassigned after a few months? May be if he had trooped them both he would have still been there?

    Do the yanks do the same as use, gets one more promotion and becomes a shiny arse for rest of time.

    Our skippers demise was a married accompanied to States as a British attaché and his 4 ring, some sacking, guaranteed a good pension for life even if he did not make it to the big boys club.
  9. Do the yanks train for natural disasters and such ?, aftermath of Sandy is taking a while to clear up. Showed them moving mobile gennys into the area last power the electronic voting machines, priorities eh.

    Have we a war canoe in the area ?, we could show them our IS & DR skills.:brushteeth:
  10. That went through my mind as well, allegedly the most powerful country in the world and can't even get temporary power online.
  11. Now I am Ex MN and both Crew and Officers had a bar on board and on the whole everyone was reasonably] behaved... there was a bar committee, and if there were any bad behaviour Skipper simply locked the Bar up untill we behaved again.. on the other hand American Merchant ships were 'dry' . Along comes one American Skipper who runs his VLCC ashore through drink and all hell is let loose. Stringent new regs came into force where USCG could breathalise you when approaching a US port and you would lose your ticket if inbibing , even if off duty. Fair enough but suddenly we are the bad ones despite the Yanks screwing it up.. In the old days (60's) ratings got 6 cans of beer a time (cant remember if it was a week or a day now_) and we seemed to have far more problems then when bars were introduced. My ship British Argosy alongside in Kharg Island Iran (When the Shah was in power no problem having the Bar open then,) with the (Dry ) old T2 Erna Elizabeth of New York on the opposite jetty with a crew who had secreted an enormous bottle of Moonshine from some where and many of them were hammered.. What does that tell you.

  12. RFA Argus is APT(N) covering disaster relief in that area, however they are not allowed to intervene unless it's a British territory that is affected. Apparently.
  13. It happens in our navy as well funny old thing a certain T23 also on a run ashore in Russia late 90s, CO, WEO both bladdered after a reception ashore returned onboard WEO threw the contents of his stomach up all over his cabin and crashed out, the duty Stwd refused to clean it up (quite rightly) and the WEO refused to take responsibility because officers don't do that kind of thing do they???
    But also with the ship during the visit was a rather senior RN Admiral who really put the miscreants in their place. Won't do names but the CO had a good career ending up as 2SL!!
  14. Stan tried PMing you but get the message your box is full.
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