US seizes on Zarqawi out-takes


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Pretty funny stuff, but I don't imagine that Al-Jazeera will be broadcasting Zarqawi having to have help to clear a jam. It's also pretty dangerous to mock these people - whilst they may not be a Western army, they are still dangerous. the US are prone to minimise the threats, make the enemy a laughing stock, and then be surprised when they come round and kick their arses for them. The US believed, for years, that they were untouchable on the US mainland, and they believe that their forces are much better than the "towelheads", although current evidence would show otherwise.


War Hero
This harks back to the days of the Raj, when no one who called himself a gentleman would go on campaign without his own personal gunbearer/stoppage sorter outer.


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If Mustapha Leak is as inept as the Septics say the video proves him to be...why have'nt they caught or killed him yet?
Propoganda can be a double-edged sword.


Well the point the US seem to be missing is he doesn't have to be good at firing a gun - he's got minions to do that for him. What he rather annoyingly seems to be a bit good at is organizing attacks on US forces and fomenting discontent amongst the locals. Releasing video nasties of him with a gun is hardly going to do anything to combat the real problem.


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Well you only have to look back in time and see the likes of Churchill and Thatcher. They had the oirks to do the dirty work for them. So whats new


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Differance is; Churchill was an ex-soldier who had seen active service. I believe he was an officer in the Royal Scots.
During one battle, he was cnfronted by a tribesman wielding a sword. Churchill, eing anoffice an a gentleman, dew his own sword. Two more Fuzzy's appeared with blades. Churchill sheathed his sword, drew his revolver and shot all three!
Churchill was the real deal. Blair, Thatcher etc are just fcuking Walts.


Anyone know how I can donwload a copy of this video to keep ? I have right clicked the link but it will only allow me to save a short cut.