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US recruiting slogans

Royal Marine Commando advert.

Bootneck advert

Although that water tunnel is nowhere near that long, your only under the oggin for 2-3 seconds, it's actually quite refreshing as your 1/3 of your way around the Endurance course and a cool dip is just the ticket to jolt you and fire up the adreneline.

Worst bit is the smartie tube as it's pitch black only wide enough for your shoulders and there are half bricks on the floor to trash your knees on.

Wish I could have the chance to do it again though, great days.
The RAF adverts are a source of constant hilarity to me. Every single TV spot or glossy page featuring the RAF shows some fast-jet jockey doing his stuff strapped into his penis extension. Except out of the 41,000 actually in the RAF, only around 0.0025% actually get closer to a fast jet than polishing the canopy. I mean, the USS Kennedy carries more fast movers in one Wing than the entire RAF!

Still, advertising's never been about truth, that's why I love the old USMC ads so much.
I remember the recruiting leaflet they handed out when I was at school... piccy of a happy sailor with the caption

It's a Man's World in the Navy

Ever so (UN)subtle hint to young lads who thought they were grown ups...
stabradop said:
SAM_The_Man_Dicosta said:
Or maybe even this one:


Make Lurrve, not war !!

No ladies shall go front line I say!!!

Keep the ladies at home for me,,, but keep them away from my Yorkie Bar! Thems aint for the ladies!!!

Disappear up your own arse you c*ck. That was in very bad taste. :evil: :x

Dunno what the poster's intentions were in sticking this up but I think it's a good reminder of what the forces do and what the price can be and how unappreciated it is by civvies in general.

Can anyone post that old ww2 cartoon with the price of oil has gone up tagline?





And for all those who moaned about the previous one with the army grave,,, well,, think about it !!


Peace to ALL Gods children,, whatever your colour of beliefs!!
The USMC poster with the hard arsed recruiting Sgt and the caption "If everyone could get in the marines it would'nt be the marines"

Anyone got a pic of the bootie t'shirt from a while ago with "ARMY BE THE BEST" (the "A" and the "Y" crossed through)-outstanding!

Also how brills was the original Village people video for "In the Navy" officially sanctioned by the U.S. Navy for recruiting (until they realised....doh!)-classic.

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