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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by BootneckYank, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. I was reading the news this morning, and came across an article where the leadership of the US Army has admitted that recruiting in wartime was "something of a challenge." To that end, they're changing their slogan from "An Army of One", to "Army Strong(?)", to be introduced in an ad campaign to start on Veterans Day.
    The USAF has also switched from "Cross into the Blue", to "Do something amazing!" (WTF?).
    The Navy and Marine Corps have remained more stable, with the Navy using "Accelerate your life" since 2001, and of course the Corps has used "The Few. The Proud" since Christ was a corporal.
    My personal favorite of the ads is a Navy radio spot that ends with:
    "Navy: Because rocket science is more fun when you actually HAVE rockets. Accelerate your life today!"

    Do HM Forces use any catchy/retarded slogans like this to draw new recruits, or do you take the more subtle approach?
  2. janner

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  3. Call me sad, but I rather like the one being shown at the movies, of a trainee RM going through that tunnel thingy at CTC and then getting his webbing snagged on a branch. The end of the clip is rigid raiders skimming up a river.

    The tag line is 99.9% need not apply.

    The whole thing is very effective and sets the highest standards.
  4. I loved the James Bond posters with something along the lines of....
    Feared by his enemies
    Loved by his country
    Trained by the Navy

    Ahh, erection incoming
  5. Here's one of my favourites at the moment:

  6. Yeah, the Bootie ones are very good.

    "At what point do you give up? Here.... here... or here? Answer yes to any of the previous and we're not interested.

    Royal Marines. 99.9% need not apply."

    I'm still a fan of the USMC recruiting posters from the 80s too. While the rest of the US Military was going all lovey-dovey and showing posters advertising all the exotic locations you could get drafted to, the USMC posters showed some hard-ass bastard of a Gunnery Sergeant doing a "Robert Lee Ermey" to some poor terrified recruit, with the words:

    "We Never Promised You A Rose Garden"

    Classic stuff!
  7. Or maybe even this one:


    Make Lurrve, not war !!

    No ladies shall go front line I say!!!

    Keep the ladies at home for me,,, but keep them away from my Yorkie Bar! Thems aint for the ladies!!!
  8. That sounds like a good one.
    The USMC has had a long-standing policy that uniformed, serving Marines were not allowed to advertise, so everybody you saw in a USMC advert was an actor.
    They broke that rule in the 80's with a commercial that was elegantly simple: It showed a Marine captain in dress blues performing the Sword Manual, while a voice-over desribed what it takes to be a Marine, etc,.
    The final shot was the capts face as he brought the sword up in salute, and the voice-over said: "If you have what it takes, maybe you can be one of us; The Few, The Proud, The Marines."

    I forget the officers name, but he was selected over several other applicants for his Sword Manual proficiency.

    Simple, yet effective.
  9. That last one is in poor taste my friend.

  10. Have you got shit for brains or what? Wrong site dumbass, **** off! :evil: :evil:
  11. The RN has used some seriously retarded slogans.
    "Be part of something" (latest one - for fcuk's sake!)
    "The team works" (zzzz)

    I think "See the world... differently" was quite clever.
  12. mind you the ads are pretty gucci
  13. Disappear up your own arse you c*ck. That was in very bad taste. :evil: :x
  14. I remember the ads for RM in the sixties early seventies.

    Wanted sixty swimmer canoeists.

    Wanted sixty parachutists.

    All with the pics describing the ad.

    Be a man be a marine be a Royal Marine Commando wasanother one.

    Get on the scene be a marine be a Royal Marine Commando.
  15. That lad in the advert you refer to is my wifes cousins son, Nathan Jones. Not in the RM, but is in fact an actor, and has appeared in The Bill, Care, nuts and bolts, pobl y cwm, and a few other things, He's from Aberdare in south wales! All very interesting for you, i'm sure. :roll:
  16. Royal Marine Commando advert.

    Bootneck advert

    Although that water tunnel is nowhere near that long, your only under the oggin for 2-3 seconds, it's actually quite refreshing as your 1/3 of your way around the Endurance course and a cool dip is just the ticket to jolt you and fire up the adreneline.

    Worst bit is the smartie tube as it's pitch black only wide enough for your shoulders and there are half bricks on the floor to trash your knees on.

    Wish I could have the chance to do it again though, great days.
  17. The RAF adverts are a source of constant hilarity to me. Every single TV spot or glossy page featuring the RAF shows some fast-jet jockey doing his stuff strapped into his penis extension. Except out of the 41,000 actually in the RAF, only around 0.0025% actually get closer to a fast jet than polishing the canopy. I mean, the USS Kennedy carries more fast movers in one Wing than the entire RAF!

    Still, advertising's never been about truth, that's why I love the old USMC ads so much.
  18. I remember the recruiting leaflet they handed out when I was at school... piccy of a happy sailor with the caption

    It's a Man's World in the Navy

    Ever so (UN)subtle hint to young lads who thought they were grown ups...
  19. Dunno what the poster's intentions were in sticking this up but I think it's a good reminder of what the forces do and what the price can be and how unappreciated it is by civvies in general.

    Can anyone post that old ww2 cartoon with the price of oil has gone up tagline?

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