US Politics. Presidential Impeachment.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Newsweek magazine has just ran a push poll about impeachment and 87% of the US citizens polled wanted George Walker Bush impeached. His popularity rating at the moment hovers around 30% and the Republican party is severely fractured. There are going to be substantial knock-on effects for the United Kingdom.

    Where things become really interesting is how the Congress and Senate work. The majority party in either house appoint chairmen to all committees and effectively control what is debated and more importantly what is investigated.

    The Republicans have up until now controlled both houses, the Executive and the majority of governerships. They have blocked any oversight of the Iraq war, Afghanistan operations, Haliburton or the missing $billions of Iraq rebuilding funds. This is all about to change in a big way and a couple of really sharp Democrats [Waxman and Conyers] are beginnning to investigate. Near the top of the list will be the 'Downing Street Memo' and the lies that led to war which Mr. Bliar has been very anxious to cover-up. It will be ironic if Tony's actions are exposed from this side of the pond. I believe that Nuremberg is quite cold at this time of year.

    Other news is that Congressman Jack Murtha a straight talking and highly decorated ex-marine is moving into a leadership position. He is well wired into the Pentagon and knows where a lot of skeletons are buried. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are anxious not to be left holding this can of worms by the politicians and there is certain to be a huge exercise in ass-covering being planned.

    There is an almost certain withdrawal about to take place from Iraq and my real concern is that our troops are going to be left exposed in the south of Iraq when that happens. I really hope the planning for getting them out safely is advanced and that we have assets available to do so.

    I am not sure what the Arabic word for Dunkirk is. It might be Basra.

  2. Bergen
    Welcome back oppo!! I was recently talking to a distant relation of mine at a wedding who lives in the states (Texas of all places) and he mentioned AIPAC etc (as you have) and his parting words to me were "Keep your ear to the ground re whats going to happen in the U.S in the next few months. This Jack Murtha sounds like just the bloke we all need to try to cure this fcuking headache that is Iraq. I too was concerned about what will happen to UK forces when the Yanks decide to withdraw large numbers. A worrying time as we rely heavily on their support, Logs etc. A "Tactical withdrawal" maybe in order i suggest.
  3. The real venue could be the International Criminal Court for Blair - though perhaps not for Bush as the US have refused to allow their Forces to be subject to the juristiction of the ICC.... on the other hand, does that include the politicians? Could Bush be indicted and handed over? If they both ended up before the ICC they could face prison terms of 30 years with no remission.
  4. Nutty-Bag

    Saw you over on the Veterans thread and was going to wind you up by suggesting that you applied for two medals and then they could pin them on you and your grand-dad at the same

    There are some really interesting things happening here in the political arena:

    1. The Israeli PM Olmert is over here and going ape and AIPAC is trying to mend fences with the Democrats in order to push their own agenda.

    2. Olmert wants the US to attack Iran - that's the bottom line. I'm hoping that even Shrub will realise that when you are this deep in a hole it's prudent to stop digging.

    3. Bolton the US Ambassador to the UN installed as a Bush recess appointee will not be ratified by the senate. He is Israel's man and again AIPAC are fuming. They managed to pull their usual trick regarding the Palestinian civilian artillery massacre and blocked the UN resolution condemning Israel or any inquiry. This is 197th time that the USA has used it's Security Council veto to prevent Israel being held to account. Fireproof or what!

    The people here have had enough and the next few months are going to be brutal as the lid is taken off a lot of what has been going on. My neighbour is an ex-USN Captain and he doesn't think impeachment is the answer. He wants the entire bunch tried for treason and

    I saw something really surprising over the weekend; I was stuck in traffic and the SUV in front of me had a licence tag that said "Combat Wounded Veteran Double Purple Heart Winner". On the back screen was another sticker "Proud To Be A Veteran - Ashamed Of My President".

    Now bear in mind this was veteran's weekend [the same as our Rememberance weekend] in one of the most conservative areas of the US.

    A rather large black Mercedes edges alongside the SUV, toots the horn and an immaculate female hand, covered in bling emerges and gives the SUV driver a great big thumbs-up. My gob was smacked to say the least.

    And one last thing...........I never refer to this being Texas. If you call it "Occupied Mexico" it winds the seppos up in ways that are wonderful to

  5. RM[/quote]

    The real venue could be the International Criminal Court for Blair - though perhaps not for Bush as the US have refused to allow their Forces to be subject to the juristiction of the ICC.... on the other hand, does that include the politicians? Could Bush be indicted and handed over? If they both ended up before the ICC they could face prison terms of 30 years with no remission.[/quote]

    We can dream AAC it would certainly wipe the smile off the grinning monkey.
  6. Hello Bergen
    I'm coming to the conclusion that the American public aren't as gullable as they make out. Is it a known fact that AIPAC are pulling the strings in the white house or is it the usual "Mushrooms=kept in the dark and fed on shite!! Thank god for good old British cynicism. Where do you think this will take Bliar and his contrived dossier RE "weopons of mass destruction" that seems to be brushed under the carpet? I t would be a coup if the Knobber was impeached!! Oh and by the way, i'm not biting RE G'dad, Medals gubbins!!
  7. I hope something will come out of it ----the needless loss of life happening in Iraq/Afghanistan at the moment to members of our Armed forces is not on.

    The weak excuse for invasion initially did not really have any conviction.
    The weapons of Mass Destruction could well be the end of Blair and his
    friends .
  8. Going to war for a lie is a damn tough bullet to chew and I feel for the families who have lost brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, husbands and wives for this idiocy.

    WMD were just an inadequate smokescreen, spun and glossed, then garlanded with lies by the likes of Bliar and Bush. A lot of people think that the real reason for the invasion was the fact that Iraq is sitting on the biggest untapped oil-reserves on the planet.

    I am not sure that that is the case although US access to the reserves would have been the cherry on the cake for them.
  9. Tony Bliar has announced during a speech this evening that the UK government will be opening proper dialogue with Iran and Syria citing that they should basically fall into line or suffer the consequences. On newsnight it was mooted that we are so interwoven with the US, we have no clear strategy as to when we will be withdrawing UK forces. A worrying thought if the US withdraw and we're left hanging in the wind. basically the suits on the show we're citing the word of Gen Tannet that the UK forces are overstretched and should be withdrawn.
  10. Nutty-Bag

    I have just watched an interview with retiring Commandant-General USMC Michael Hagee.

    Absolutely unbelievable.........he lays it all on the line and summed up he says that he was asking for a plan for Iraq, who was responsible for civil security, more troops and an eventual exit strategy. Puts the blame for this fiasco four square on the US civilian administration.

    This just doesn't happen, a 4-Star criticising King George II on TV.

    This guy just called bull-shit on the entire war.

    Where are the British Senior Ranks???? Are they all looking for that elusive knighthood and consultancy contract???? Shurely

    [Where is Lord Thomas Cochrane when you need him??]

  11. The cat is well and truly out of the bag and shrub et al are finding out who their friends are. I would sat that the only senior British officer to stand up and say it was a crock of shite is General Tannet who the British press have tried to barrack lately because of his religious beliefs. Shame nobody has the backbone to tell Bliar et al the same and it's been a USMC C.G thats led the way. Semper Fidelis!! So what was their real reason for going in?? WAs is to de-stabilise Iran? The Oil? Or the greed infested 4 by 2's in the guise of AIPAC? 8O
  12. I think that there were several reasons for the invasion of Iraq.

    Stupid as it may seem one of the reasons was really simple; they thought that they could do it. The US are good at all-arms warfare especially based on the Powell Doctrine of overwhelming force. Hubris had set in from Gulf War I and they didn't see a problem. Rumsfeld went in with a force of around 140,000 when his military were advising a force of 500,000. There were never enough boots on the ground and the US never really understood 4GW or IS operations.

    Another reason was oil but not in the way that most people would imagine. It was to protect the US$. It's a long complicated story but you have to understand how oil is traded. There are 2 trading centres; New York and London. Both Bourses are run by the US. Not a drop of oil is traded anywhere in the world unless the deal is in US$. Zero, nil, not a drop, nada, mafeesh.

    There has never been a drop of North Sea oil sold in anything but US$. Zero, nil, not a drop, nada, mafeesh.

    Oil trading is the single greatest force for keeping the US$ afloat. It creates demand for dollars. Mr. Hussein made a big mistake; he tried to set up an Iraqi Bourse to trade oil in Euros. This would have collapsed the house of cards that the US$ is built on.

    If I was to say to anyone that the price of oil has been pretty stable over the past few years they would think that I had lost the plot but that is precisely the case. The US$ has been dropping like a stone against every major currency. OPEC and the oil exporting countries have simply raised the price of a barrel every time the dollar has dropped. If you look at a graph of the dollar's performance it matches the price of a barrel of oil very well.

    The US is $4.5 Trillion in debt.

    This is a million $000,000

    This is a billion $000,000,000

    This is a trillion $000,000,000,000

    China holds over $1.1T of the debt. Japan holds another $1.5T. Out of every $100 ever printed $98 are held by foreigners outside the USA. You cannot begin to believe the scale of the problem and the war costs have been phenomenal - as they say you spend a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking serious

    Throughout all of this there has not been a single dollar cut from any Pentagon or defence project.

    Iran is trying to set up it's own Bourse at the moment and the USA cannot allow that.

    However the main and over-riding reason for the war was without a doubt to re-shape the Middle-East to benefit and protect Israel. There are a lot of powerful lobbies in Washington but they all pale in comparison to AIPAC. They write US foreign policy via a series of think-tanks which they have set up and if any organisation in the US criticises Israel then AIPAC go after them with a vengeance.

    Mossad have an enormous presence in the US and during the Israeli PM's recent visit one of the topics was to persuade Shrub to release an Israeli spy named Jonathon Pollard who is serving 21 years for passing USN weapons documents to Mossad who passed them to Russia who increased the number of Russian jews allowed to emigrate to Israel. Wheels within wheels eh!!

    And here's one for anyone who took any interest in what really happened on 9/11. Between the WT1 impact and the WT2 impact was about 30 minutes. In that time-gap a group of men were seen filming the towers from Battery Park......just across the river from Manhatten and the absolute best place to see and film the towers from. They were laughing and dancing. Someone took the number of their van and 8 hours later they were arrested and held for 71 days before being quietly released on US government orders despite the objections of the FBI. The van belonged to "Urban Moving Systems".

    It was a Mossad front company and the 5 men arrested were all Israeli Mossad operatives. At the same time another 100 Israeli's were also deported. The Israeli's had been operating surveillance teams in the US and the various addresses for the teams were all close to the addresses of the hijackers. Now this is not something that I am making up, all the information is buried in public records. Just google "Dancing Israeli's" for the full story.

    No wonder the Republicans moved heaven and earth to try and block any 9/11 enquiry.

  13. Bergen
    i had a read through the press coverage regarding the dancing israelis and although sickened, keep an open mind. It is a situation that is far and away out of our control with young troops from many nations fighting under the guise of bringing democracy to Iraq/Afghanistan. I despair for our troops who are fighting a false flag war on 2 fronts whilst doing the dirty work for Israel. About 10 years ago i was involved with the security of a number of high-ranking individuals which included President Clinton and Benjamin Nethanyahu (correct my spelling if needed) Now when Clintons secret service bods were doing the recce for his arrival they were told that under no circumstances were they allowed to bring weopons into this building (The building has major significance in the uk) which they didn't like but abided by. When the Israeli P.M did the same not too long after i was challenged on a regular basis by angry bodyguards armed with an assortment of weopons. What does that tell you? Oh and this building also holds meeting relating to Zionism on regular occasions.

    I'm not anti-semetic either as my missus has a rather large amount of jewish in her (so to speak) and likes circumsized men like myself because she gets 20% off!!
  14. Nutty_Bag

    Nothing surprises me with the Israelis; I've seen them pull stunts that would have anyone else behind bars with a cry of "Watch your fingers! Clang!" They are protected at the top of the political establishments on both sides of the pond. Poor old Germanskis are in perpetual debt to them because of the holocaust industry.

    The old old accusation of anti-semitism is a usual response but I have my back covered there. It's not the jews that are the problem, it's the zionists and to their eternal credit there are many jewish organisations inside and outside of Israel who are opposed to zionism. Most of the zionist's are not really jewish anyway..........they are Khazars but that's another story.

    We are living in really dangerous times and it's a real stretch to think defence of the realm includes acting as an Israeli proxy in Iraq.

    As I said in a previous post my immediate worry is our troops in southern Iraq who are dependent on US transport and logs to get out safely. The IED that hit raiding squadron on the Shatt-al-Arab should give everyone a needed heads-up. The Brits are increasingly using boats because the roads are unsafe and they have inadequate chopper support. Not a good situation to be in.

    An old Chinese bootie by the name of Sun Tzu wrote a good set of SOP's and one little gem was the admonition never to go to bed with more enemies than you had when you woke up. We are at full stretch on a three front war and it may be time to ask Bliar Major to encourage one of the Bliar Minors to take up a rifle and pack. Come to think of it you would stand more chance of seeing my bare white ass in Woolworth's shop

  15. Sun Tzu's book on warfare was a bloody good read.The Art of war by Sun Tzu higly recommend it.
  16. Andym

    Did you read it by the light of your lantern in your infamous outside Dunny in the wilds of East Angular??????

    For anyone not familiar with Andy; he is an extremely smart and well-read sailiyor as opposed to Nutty-Bag and I who are simple GHB's [Gash Hand Booties]. Andy even knew the name of Tonto's horse and I can't black-cat that!!!!! Unfortunately Andy has no indoor plumbing.

    And actually Andy I would recommend "The Seven Military Classics Of Ancient China" which includes not only Sun Tzu's "Art of War" but also a bunch of his oppos like T'ai Kung and his brother-in-law Wu Tzu. It covers everything from the best place to get an Ivor Dewdney oggie, what to do with a drunken sailiyor and the first Immediate Action Drill when you see a shed-full of bamboo arrows heading your


  17. Can't say I'm too bothered about Bush being impeached (I wasn't when Nixon was), but I can think of one person very close to home who certainly deserves to be......!
  18. Ditto.
  20. Pissing hell i've had to write this twice now, bloody thing!!

    I'm having enough trouble trying to look intelligent whilst reading seven pillars of wisdom. All those long words make my head hurt!! hey andy dont they have the highest recorded incidences of beastiality in East Angular and the fens?? "Wear velcro on your trousers so it sticks to the sheep""

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