US plans Israel missile shield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, May 20, 2007.

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    So , is this about.....

    1. Defending Israel against a very real and credible threat from Persia?

    2. Enabling Israel to have a "First Strike/Limited Retaliation capability? (scary)

    3. Placating Israel so they shut up about Iran for 10 minutes while sensible discussions can take place?

    4. Buying the Jewish vote in 2008?

    5. Making sure the Chinese have parity of technology in the very near future :D
  2. All of the above :wink:
  3. Well don't forget Israel is about to get a "theater" MAD capability. They are buying several AIP equipped diesel submarines equipped with nuclear tipped cruise missiles. Sadly though in the middle east i doubt the "logic" of MAD during the cold war will apply.

    Don't forget Israel is a very high tech based economy now, with more practical experience at war fighting than almost any country in the world. It may well be that the americans need technology designed by the Israel to get their kit to work...
  4. Good point, there is some great technology coming out of there, not least a shedload of Microsofts' top thinkers and doers.
    And if I had neighbours like theirs I would take all I could get.
    Talk about an ASBO.....

  5. Israels 'practical experience' is predominately in shooting stone throwing Palestinian kids. When the much ovverated IDF go up against trained troops they are usually found to be rather wanting since 1973…

    They were run out of Lebanon on a rail in the 80's and again in the 90's… and last years performance against Hizbullah (trained and supplied by Iran), showed everyone that the IDF myth has been busted wide open, on a tactical and strategic level the Hizbullah fought the IDF to a standstill with a force of just 4,000 trained men.

    At the unit level, Hizbullah were vastly better trained and tactically adept than the IDF's soldiers.

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