US Navy's Female Captain Bligh


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Sounds like my sort of woman........

wots up with those septic sailerboys....can`t they take a bit of constructive critiscisum



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"You two are f------ unbelievable. I would fire you if I could but I can't."

"It also says she asked junior officers to play piano at her personal Christmas party and to walk her dogs."

"She would throw coffee cups at officers — ceramic not foam,"

aaahhh, I think I have a new role model! :twisted:


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No dogs, but I had a Captain who told the Jimmy to detail off one of the Mids to walk his (the Captain's) teenage daughter safely around Amsterdam. The Mid took her down Canal Straat and showed her all the ultra-violet lit whores behind their plate glass windows. Jimmy didn't half catch it. Captain was a nice bloke by the way, not like the ghastly creature who is the heroine of this thread.


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Must admit the name mystified me too so I checked it out. See below:

The Battle of Cowpens (January 17, 1781) was a decisive victory by American Revolutionary forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War. It was a turning point in the reconquest of South Carolina from the British.

Regarding the allegations about this womans poor ship handling skills already raised in this thread; it seems another incident was involved in the ongoing probe into her other behavioural problems.

She and the skipper of another nuclear-powered destroyer were unofficially racing each other off Okinawa and apparently she almost took the stern off the other vessel due to her poor seamanship. It seems the inspectors were unable to officially confirm those allegations but they certainly nailed her on all the other charges.

I would agree with other writers on here that she should have been compared with fictional Captain Queeg, rather than Bligh, who despite being a superb seaman, was most unfairly maligned as a naval officer.

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The conclusion of the Caine Mutiny (alleged) Queeg was a victim of battle fatigue, and that his behaviour was as a result.
It seems that this bitch was just ' a bitch' and her behaviour was as a result of being..... 'a bitch'... I wonder if she was a 'butch bitch ?' :wink:
It strikes me she's a product of positive discrimination. I wonder if a male would have been allowed to rise so far so fast.

Mind you, we've got Harriet Harman in a position of power, so ..............


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Streaky said:
It strikes me she's a product of positive discrimination. I wonder if a male would have been allowed to rise so far so fast.

Positive discrimination, possibly to get there but passing out in 85 (sprog :D ) to 2010 is hardly steaming bit.