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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by corbett12, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Just been thinking about joining the US Navy. As the waiting times are so long just looking into the requirements of joining US Navy. Making a phone to the US Embassy tomorrow in London to talk about visa as I need to get one before I can apply. The reason I'm trying this route also is another 18 months wait so looking at this option.
  2. Do you have American citzenship?
  3. No I don't you have to get a visa called a green card this gains you citizenship And then you can apply. Without this visa I can't apply so that's the first thing I need to do. Been looking at there website and information about non us citizen applying so I need that visa first hence why I'm phoning up the us embassy tomorrow to find out price and what I need.
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  4. Dont think you need a GC to apply for the USN do you? The DREAM act may be the way
  5. from what I remember when we looked into it a couple of years back its nigh on impossible for a British citizen to get a green card.....for some reason I seem to remember it was easier if you were Irish !

    I also recall it being effectively a lottery to being awarded a green card - it really isn't simply a case of filling in a form, paying your money and receiving it through the post.

    I also have a feeling that being awarded a green card doesn't grant you citizenship - all it grants you is the right to work and live in the US.

    If this is the case, then you might be better off trying the navies from the Commonwealth Countries.
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  6. Just looking into it at the moment. I just read what you need to apply for the US Navy on there website if non US citizen. It's with a look and a try.
  7. After having your GC for 5 years, you can apply for full citizenship. Believe me, I should know!
  8. Keep you posted just making enquries and looking it to it at the moment. Did try to phone recruiting in the US but can't get correct number which Is a pain.
  9. Jesus wept, I'm losing the will to live.=-(
    Big proposed Defence cuts announced in the USA last week, so Norfolk VA or wherever the US Navy trains their noobs will probably grind to a halt as well.

    Well at least the IQs of both Countries will be raised if he does ferk orf.:evil:
  10. Is there any point to this thread ??
  11. uniformNavyImage1.jpg
    Corbett12 Passes out. Well done young thruster.
  12. I spent a week in Okinawa at the big US base and I was fairly unimpressed by the whole affair. Yes the spams have lots of Gucci stuff and the facilities on base were awesome, but the restrictions they have to endure are shocking. Drinking is generally frowned upon, with one or two organised and heavily rationed piss ups every month. One of the lads was saying that they only get 2 weeks leave a year which is pretty ****. Going to sea is considered to be almost a punishment and the accommodation onboard is terrible, think 100 man messes which haven't been refurbished since the 70's. The vast majority of their manpower is made up of the sort of Gubers and Cletus's you see in films, many are there as an alternative to prison, it really is the dregs of society.

    A further week at a US base in Diego Garcia pretty much confirmed my initial assessment. Life for a lowly rating seems to be pretty poor and on a par with the sort of shit our phase 1 and 2 trainees are subjected to.

    Despite all of this, I found myself wandering into a US Navy careers office in LA a little while back, mainly out of curiosity and boredom but mostly because the bird behind the desk was a babe. My Mum holds a US passport which I (wrongly) assumed would mean I could join. I had visions of slapping my impressive RN service record on the desk and heading off to Miramar the next day to learn how to fly F18s (Yanks are notoriously stupid, I figured even a mediocre brain like mine can handle their version of AIB and flight school).

    The careers office staff basically said they couldn't help me unless I had a green card, they couldn't speed up the application process and I would have to do the green card lottery like every other filthy immigrant. If my Mum lived in the states then it would be a different story and I could get a US passport, but she doesn't.

    They also said that the jobs on offer for non US citizens were fairly limited and unless I fancied pot wash or deck sweeper I'd be better off not bothering.

    Since green card applications can take years and are usually unsuccessful anyway, I suggest you either stick out the wait for the RN or look at our Commonwealth neighbours, although most of them will probably **** you off as well due to the large amount of ex RN lads applying.
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  13. The influx into the navy is all but halted BUT if u wanted to join the army, differant story. They have clamped down big time on the fast route to citizenship due to the high unemployment here. I havent been on a US ship since I too was in Dago G in 1992 when the INV visited. I have also been to a cpl of US naval bases and its not quite a bad as previously made out.

    Wrecker........chill, the sprog is just asking ??? etc
  14. How long have you been waiting already, Seems a bit drastic. I thought you would need to be a citizen in a for certain amount of years before you could apply for jobs like the forces, police, coastguard. I could be completely wrong it's just a hunch?
  15. If you have a green card, you can virtually apply for any job. If you have then taken citizenship.....anything except President and vice president!
  16. U_Models_um102.jpg
    I think even that's beyond the OPs thought processes.

    Corbett12 and Chico begin to regret joining the US Navy as Pot Washers 3rd Class
  17. The Bro. inlaws Bro. from Bolton, much older than us emigrated to the States in the 50s and joined the US Army and served all of his time after training at Burtonwood. Up home every W/E. Moved back to the States when hed done his time.
  18. Been waiting since June 09 been told iv got to wait another 18 months. Just looking into things with US Navy what's it's all about at the moment.

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