US Navy to Probe Lewd Video

Discussion in 'International' started by off_les_aura, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Simples:

    CAREER OVER!!!! Witch hunt begins.
  2. Throwing him out? What a waste of talent, we would promote him, sounds like an OK guy. :D

    Yes seadog we do say ok guy, I didn't get it from the Jerry Springer show. :evil:
  3. Perhaps in another era he would survive the storm. Our Masters have made it quite clear several weeks ago that now we are as enlightened as the UK MOD in terms of all the sexual possibilities and any such joking about women or even worse, our alternate lifestylers will be met with stern discipline. It has only just begun.
  4. Seems like a good lad to me. I'd work for him.
  5. Fuck sake Monty, you worked with Teddy Bears. :D
  6. And they got all the big photos and promotions.
  7. In that case can I work with you?
    I'll wear my cat suit.
  8. Linky: here

    9 mins 30 ....
  9. A story on faux news thats true...............a revelation
  10. I blame his make-up man - If he'd used a decent one, a la Sods Opera (or blacked-up even) no-one would have recognised him.

    The things some folk will do to skip sea time, eh.
  11. And there he goes: Linky
  12. Whatsu talking about man, we PC'd them minstrels outa our lives a coons age ago
  13. "Other clips in the video show a man in drag .."

    If he'd been a Bootneck he'd have been fine!
  14. As predicted, his rapid departure was no doubt hastened by pressure from the alternate lifestyle set:

    Homosexual Lobby

    We have not seen the end of such influence on the military.

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