US Navy testing new camo uniforms

Just seen this on ARRSE:

Navy Testing Two New Camo Uniforms 10 Aug 2010 said:
The Navy is set to field two new camouflage uniforms next year, just months after the last of the fleet will be issued the service’s newest pixel-pattern, blue-and-grey “Navy Working Uniform.â€

Navy officials announced late last year they would provide a service-specific camouflage pattern to the ever-growing number of Sailors supporting operations in combat environments, recognizing the bright colors of their newest at-sea uniform were inappropriate for anything other than shipboard operations.

Borrowing from work done by Naval Special Warfare Command on two camouflage patterns similar to the Marine Corps’ desert and woodland digital patterns, the Navy began testing the so-called “Navy Working Uniform Type II and III†in late July.

The Type II uniform is a slightly darker version of the Corps’ desert Marpat scheme and the Type III set-up is akin to the Corps’ woodland digital. Both have the Navy’s “Anchor, Constitution and Eagle†emblem embedded in the digital pattern...(more)
I've seen a Yank Officer at Southwick Park in the sims wearing the Type 1 working uniform. Although not sure if it was a human or a walking building.

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