US Navy in sense of humour alert!


Lantern Swinger
Amarillo was pretty good, but the Bohemian one wasn't as funny, though an admirable attempt as they only used a 22 & we don't have as many toys to play with as the yanks. Restricting the vid to one ship was probably a mistake. Having someone mime sing infront of a computer screen isn't too funny, but having some fighter guy with a wig has more comical value & is a little more exciting with the flybys.

I think the funny vids are a good unofficial recruiting tool. Shows the mob isn't all seriousness & has a sense of humour. We should have made the vid using more of the fleet, that way there would have been more variety. Probably more fun to include wafus, submariners & perhaps the booties etc.

This is my personal favourite




War Hero
I posted the Spam pump it yesterday in the Gash Barge along with the same guys doing a Parody of Hey Ya!Very well done!


War Hero
There was a verson of the Beach Boys 'Kokomo' done by Norwegians, or Danes or whowever in Kosovo a couple of years ago. Bloody funny but I cant find it anymore.