US Navy Hawkeye crashes in Arabian Sea

One missing after US Navy plane crashes into sea
Yahoo News 31 Mar 2010 said:
MANAMA (AFP) – One crew member is missing while three others were rescued Wednesday after a US Navy radar aircraft supporting operations in Afghanistan ploughed into the Arabian Sea, the American Fifth Fleet said. The E-2C Hawkeye aircraft "was returning from conducting operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom" when it malfunctioned, said a statement from the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet... The crew "performed a controlled bailout" from the plane, which was on its way back to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier on which it is based, the statement added...

Remember this ludicrously ill-informed headline in The Times some time ago? Lovely new aircraft carrier, sir, but we’re fighting in the desert

Ike's 90-odd aircraft have been supporting ground forces in Afghanistan since she relieved Nimitz in January (link) and this is her first reported casualty of the tour. Here's hoping they find the fourth crew member alive and well.


Lantern Swinger
I'd never seen the "What a lovely new Aircraft Carrier" story before.

What a terrible piece of ill-informed and un-substantiated speculation and conjecture it is. I used to buy The Times every now and again. USED to. :x

Edited to add:

May the crew of the Hawkeye be found safe and sound. Always a terrible time when one of your aircraft doesn't come home, whatever the reason.
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