US Navy - Greater Lakes, IL

Hello to the forum/members..... am normally over on ARRSE (same screen name - for past 5 years or so), but as it is a Naval matter thought was probably best to post over here.

That said, it is a US Naval matter and I dont know if the international 'section' of R.R is as well populated as the one on ARRSE.

Anyway - concerns Greater Lakes, Naval Training Center outside Chicago.
I used to live in the US and have close friends there... one of whose son is about to finish at Greater Lakes.
I am making a quick trip over to catch up with them/family in the next few days... just wondering if it is possible for non-US Nationals to get 'on post' to see any parade/ceremony for when he finishes the training.

Havent been active/involved in UK Forces since c.2000 so no valid forces ID and am sure it isnt a problem for family.... but don't know about 'foreign' hangers on (from US perspective).

If anyone can enlighten, or advise... that would be most welcome... 8O


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Your friends son will be able to sign you onto the base.
He may have to give advanced notice.

Just be sure to bring your UK passport.

We used to do this when visiting my brother in law on his USAF station.

Pretty sure they must have a system for this kind of event.

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