US Helo Crash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. It's so sad to see so many killed
    It shows however,you can have all the heat sensing,thermal imaging gear in the world and even incorporating the best armed and technological advanced weapons in the world an insurgent with a basic weapon can wreak havoc.
    RIP to them all.
  2. RIP my thoughts with friends and Families
  3. It's gone quiet as to what weapon was used. The Seppos must be hoping that it was a lucky shot with an RPG-7 or at worst that the Talib have modified the DA Fuse to use as a crude proximity device against helicopters as AQ did in Mogadishu.

    If, however, the Talib have found a way of replacing the dead batteries in the dozens of Stingers that they were given by the CIA (back in the days when they were Wily Muj and Ronnie Rayguns bestest oppos), or if the Paks or Iranians are now supplying MANPADS then we may see the withdrawal date for our victorious allies being considerably advanced.

  4. That's a worrying thought but just for us who don't know,what's a Man Pad? sounds like a hygienic dressing to me!
    Don't mean to be flippant but Acronyms are a mystery to me.
    All these message on the net Like ROMFT and others mean nowt to me.thanks
  5. Seafarer - I agree that acronyms can be confusing especially the newer ones that post date your (and my) service but a good starting point with many acronyms is usually a Google search using simply the acronym itself - MANPAD and ROMFT both feature.
  6. MANPADS:-

    Man Portable Air Defence Systems. .......... shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles.

    The CIA supplied The Wily Muj with hundreds of Stinger missiles. They still have scores of them left but the batteries are flat and the liquid N2 probably needs topping up. Do-able in Russia / China / Iran and probably Pakistan.

    Meanwhile a few thousand more Manpads have been liberated in Iraq, Egypt, Libya etc etc.

    The Iranians have some excellent home-grown ones that they reverse engineered out of Stingers purchased from the Afghans [Misagh 6 etc] and the latest generation from Russia are state of the art. It's just a matter of when someone decides to make them available to the Afghans again.

    The RPG-7 fires a variety of ammunition including HEAT, Fragmentation, Thermobaric and Tandem Charge and, of course is an old system compared to the later RPG-26 thru RPG-29.

    The Seppos have forbidden the Iraqis from purchasing the later RPG family members because they are so good that they will be a threat to any US armour including Abrams.

    Back on thread with the Chinook - a multi RPG ambush could have done the trick, especially as it was taking off, but it seems as likely as the British police telling the truth about shooting people.

  7. thanks for the replies and descriptions,iInever thought of Googling them! shows how dumb I am .Regards

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