US Developins Laser Weapon breakthrough

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by trelawney126, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. That all depends on:
    Can you carry enough batteries?
    How many times do you have to bang it to get it working
    As some thieving git nicked it
    Are you stupid enough to stand and point a pusser right Angled torch at an incoming missile?
    TRE I bet you were a splash target Coxswain?:rofl::toothy8:
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  2. You'd loose, the Larne Targets were never modded to take a cox'n, as it lacked the familiar steering arrangements of later models.
    however, as they say in all the best rustic novels, adding my plumb as a growth of my own, the later targets as you are probably aware were dual seated allowing for a fall of shot observer. The survivors of twelve sorties gained automatic membership to the Royal Observer Corps. However i do apologise for crapping on your otherwise excellent reply to my post
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of

    Volunteers for splash target coxswain – muster – flight deck!”
    They are introduced to a splash target a small ‘raft’ towed behind a ship on a LONGGGGG line, and as it’s towed – it sends up a tall spout of water – ‘a splash’. This is then used for target practice by other ships in your flotilla, as ships ‘aim off’ the target, so as not to destroy the ‘raft’ for the duration of the exercise. Let’s just say that there is simply no such thing as a Splash Target Coxswain, but it doesn’t stop you from trying to find one who doesn’t know better just yet – and you ALWAYS find a small number of volunteers – ALWAYS!
    The old adage of NEVER volunteering for ANYTHING becomes clear receive their safety briefing, are walked around their splash target ‘ (paying special attention to fitted handholds painted bright safety red for effect); are issued their dry bag , steel helmet and flash light for back-up signaling by Morse code! People then get kitted up and a question and answer process takes place to test their understanding
  4. You're thinking small with a pusser's right-angled Tre, a DC Spot is what you need, always gets people out of their racks pretty sharpish when you use one for doing shakes :)

  5. If you did that in the Back afties swamp you would be lucky to get out alive?
  6. You forget, before I went Fwd I was a back aftie for 18 years, the back aftie bunkspace was a black hole that absorbed all light so DC Spots didn't work down there.
  7. The Crypt.
  8. One boat I had called it the swamp, others the crypt. It was ace down there as no-one ever bothered you. Even skippers rounds was a quick once over and then out.
  9. Too scared to see what was lurking down there perchance?

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