US child molester gets 152 years

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. I believe he will still be elligible for parole after some time, so perhaps not that different from here, just they like big numbers to make it look tough.
  2. Wasn't it mooted by this government that they were looking at a US style justice system ?

    Can you imagine our bleeding heart lawyers accepting their client(s) being given consecutive terms of jail instead of the poncey concurrent terms which they rarely complete anyway?
    There'd be an uproar with the Matrix (and the WW) lot rubbing their hands in glee at the compo (not to forget their own bonuses) they'd bleed from the taxpayer - who is obviously more guilty than the convicted felon!
  3. Doesn't look so young, so hopefully he'll expire in prison, which is what should happen to all the scum who indulge in paedophile practices.
  4. Considering the tax payer allowed the current bunch of cretins a second term perhaps they are guilty as charged.
  5. Not Guilty M'Lud.

    It's all these newcomers to these shores, snap their fingers and go straight to the top of the all the lists ( add benefits and poof ! - instant labour voters).
    Also the way this mob manipulate the boundary lines (not once but twice!) and force postal voting down our throats --- I wonder if there is a sytem we can obtain from the US on doing those who are vote-fiddling ?? I have a few ideas........ :twisted:
  6. 152? I'd rather see him get 7.62 !
  7. So, if he is a good boy in the nick, he may get a couple of years remission which means he'll only have a 100 years or so to serve. :smile:
  8. :cry: Not really, they have a system where after some specified time application for parole may be made, a bit like our release on licence for lifers.
  9. He should have that cracked in 152 years....
    Will our bunch of so called leaders ever learn! Or will we keep thinking about their so called Human Rights instead.
  10. Deserves everything he gets , :evil: :twisted:
  11. For the confused...
    This is a PDF file
    And this...
    Is a paedophile
  12. Lingyai, that's must be why the IT department have been on my back this week...
  13. What file do you need to make a hole this big O

    into a hole this big O ?

    (I'll get me coat...)
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    New picture relased of paedo:


    He should be bloody well hung (according to the court report, he was...) :twisted:

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