US Brown Job Mouths off about the Iran Incident

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WJ_Poo_Pong_McPlop, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. I choked on my frosties yesterday when reading this and thought you all might like to see how the good name of the Navy and Marines is being trashed in Texas.

    I think the link expires after a week and I don't know the forum rules about cutting and pasting copyrighted material.
  2. During the engagement several thoughts crossed my mind:

    How will this incident be perceived, given that Syria is an enemy of the United States?

    Will my decisions escalate poor relations between two sworn enemies?

    Will attacking and taking the offense, given my enemies' numerical and fire superiority, get my men killed or kill the enemy?

    Well what the gobshiite seems to have missed is that crucial term 'enemy'…

    Last time I checked we were not at war with Iran and retain Diplomatic Relations.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Is that a news article or the first page of his "best selling action hero" book. He even think Felix Carmen is a Royal Marine, good research!
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "I ordered my machine gunners to return fire"...or some such twaddle...lucky man he had some machine guns, something that the boarding party didn't.
  5. It's a pile of pants, full of errors, written by a trigger happy septic. Do RIB's even have radar?
  6. Nor was the USA at war with Syria but then the Iranians didnt fire at all so his comparison is hardly fair.
  7. A well thought out and thoroughly researched article. The man is a credit to the Yanks. If only we had that quality of journalism in this country!
  8. I suspect that's more by accident than design, but give George time and I'm sure he will correct that
  9. The RN/RM were on water NOT in the middle of a sand pit
    The RN/RM were grabbed in day light not middle of the night (04:00??)

    And as previous posts, the RIBS didnt have radar and according to reports the Iranians came up on the blind side or do the RM guys now have x-ray vision ?

    I also wonder if those brave yanks had air support on call, overheard AWACS cover, artillery support, Buger King and or Big Macs on rapid response, bowling alley and cinema

    I would truly love to see the yanks in a similar situation and to see the response. What would be the US response at home if they didnt fight back and were grabbed ??? All out assault on Iran maybe??

    What if they did fight back and were all killed - all out assault on Iran as realiation perhaps???
  10. Not a serving member of the forces ?

    "popped up on ... radar" is an eupemism for suddenly seeing/noticing something - doesn't mean that the things actually had radar fitted - but you never know with these modern RIB thingys

  11. Well if we were being bitchy we could remind our trans-atlantic cousins of these incidents…

    USS Peublo

    US Embassy siezed in Tehran

    3 US Army bods 'detained' by Yugoslavs

    US Navy EP-3 forced down by China

    Nope, thought so, they didn't fight in those incidents either… :?
  12. The radar statement in the article is in quotation marks. I took that to mean that the author is saying that these are Lt Carman's words.
  13. Quote 'we came under intense fire from the Syrian side of the border'

    The difference is that our guys didn't come under fire and we don't usually shoot first. Not cricket old boy.

    Quote 'Syria is an enemy of the United States'

    Really? well we are not at war with Iran and therefore don't start shooting at them without first being shot at.

    Quote 'My soldiers and I were awarded medals for valor because, while executing our mission, we stood our ground on our side of the border and returned fire against an overwhelming enemy force.

    Bravo, and so you should have been, because YOU WERE FIRED UPON.

    Added to the ones you got for passing out of basic training and for crossing the atlantic and for standing the longest in the BX queue.

    P2 standing by for incoming (which I will of course return)
  14. It's painful for any service when this happens. If you're in another service, critique comes easily. As disappointed as I was about this whole affair, it reminded me of my service's own painful incidents; the P-3 that landed on a Chinese airfield instead of ditching, the USS Pueblo, and USS Liberty. No service has a monopoly on mishandled incidents. Hopefully this sad affair will be a wakeup call for all of us.
  15. Quite clearly Luis Carlos Montalván has failed to find out the true facts of the incident before shooting his mouth off. Perhaps if he had led his own patrol some what more effectively he would not have been caught in an ambush that put the lives of his men at risk. As a mere captain I would suggest that he should pay more attention to his military studies than trying to earn a few dollars writing articles for the hick press or perhaps he will find he has reached the summitt of his military carreer
  16. All, I was looking up the USS Pueblo to read a bit more, found this US message board.....

    If your eating swallow your food first rather than spraying it everywhere...

    yeehaw cowboy now where is that big red 'DO NOT PUSH' button ??
  17. This all boils down to Luis Carlos Montalvan being a twat.
    Whether it was right or wrong to be there, they were and when confronted by a numerically superior and more heavily armed force, the actions of the 15 (or most of them) ws entirely correct. It is not until after that when it all went horribly wrong.
    Just can't understand why the whole world hate the Elmers (including their greatest allies!!!)
  18. You see comrades, this is where its all gone wrong for the andrew. Cap'n Ricardo Montalban is better trained than Lt Carman RM (ahem)... How else can you you observe a maelstrom of bullets coming from a truck?

    Now I'm no expert, but thats not right is it>? If only there was some way of getting hold of cap'n Montalban and asking him...

    oooh look, here is the fort benning (which is where our good cap'n is serving) website... and blow me there is a phonebook option... :wink:
  19. Prick, who are they to bad-mouth our Armed Services? They cannot even protect the Iraqi Parliament which is supposedly in a secure area.

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