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US Booty asks fit famous bird on date and she says yes.


War Hero
Sorry I couldn't think of a better title.

Some US bootneck posted a video on the interweb asking Mila Kunis (that bird who does the voice for Meg in Family Guy) if she would be his pash at his unit's returning ball. Clearly it was meant to just be a bit of a laugh and a joke. Turns out she saw the video and has agreed to go with him.

BBC - Newsbeat - YouTube marine gets date with Hollywood star Mila Kunis

Do you reckon she'll let him rag her in rig?

So which bird would you invite to next Senior Rates Mess disco and meat raffle?

I'm inviting all of the Saturdays so they're taken.

Mila Kunis Smaaaash!:
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War Hero
I invited Princess Di around for a sweaty sesh, and she tried to get around very very fast.
Trouble is the press found out and,....well the rest's history.:-D

Now seriously, I actually have put my naughty stick in a celebrity, but this being a public forum, she being very wealthy to deny it,.. and me being a pauper scrote, I do not think it prudent (borrowed from Brown) to do the usual kiss and tell bit.
Not mentioning what the war office would do/say if it ever got out,although castration does spring to mind.:laughing2:


No question, it has to be the Vord



War Hero
No question, it has to be the Vord


Well at least you rest easy in the knowledge she will in all probability die before you at her age, and then get the insurance.
I like your style Stirl, debauchery with profit, sounds good.:laughing2::laughing2:
So the days of using ones initiative are not past after all? You don't ask, you don't fuckin get! Right.

I asks, still gets fuck all....wonder if my old square rig still fits....that and an oppo with a video camera and I should be good to go?

Med's inbound!
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I've tried this with Kate Beckinsale on numerous occassions. To be fair, she replied. Via the courts of course.


War Hero
I saw the pop star Rhianna in the Trafford centre a few years back, I shouted in my lovely Northern accent,

"oi sexy, You want my number? she looked at me and replied in her soft Jamaican accent,

"awww maaan, ya sweet but Iz is seein someone.

That someone was Chris brown, so I had no chance, he is black, famous and gotta massive chopper, but owel, I asked, I did not get but my mates thought I was God as she spoke to me.

Chris brown went on to paste her round an hotel room with his fists, she should of took the cheeky little sod in the Trafford centre instead!



War Hero
Book Reviewer
She must have been gutted that she refused you. It could have been you that panned her face in. Such is life.
Well, at least my fantasy's are relatively harmless...go through a lot of socks to be a degree of realism is realised..... and a lot of dobying...
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