US arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ghost, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Very annoying. That's our patch (or at least it was before we banned our arms dealers from bribing Saudi officials).
  2. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Saudi eh, the country of origin of the 9/11 mass murderers, an atrocity that other countries were punished for. It's all very Déjà vu, as I am sure we all recall how the West armed Saddam's regime.
  3. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    The Bush Empire has been personal friends with the Saudi Royals for years. They go way back. I would expect to see some of their companies (especially Carlyle Group) directly benefiting from this deal in the future.
  4. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Hi Ghost
    The report says F15,s.
    I was on the Military side Fire and Crash Department at King Fafad Military/Civil Airfield, at Taif, for 4 years in the mid 80,s. There were 3 Squadrons of F15, there then and a whole host of other kit
    So for that type it is probable more of an upgrade sale.
  5. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Working for BAe perchance ?

    I was at KFAA Riyadh during the 80s, and the US were trying to muscle in there, before the Saudis were 'convinced' to buy Hawks. ;)
  6. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    And the Mujahdeen/Taliban when Russia was "invited" into Afghanistan
  7. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    For political reasons some western governments, including ours, do have some very unpalatable bedfellows.
  8. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    An interesting sub link;

    Probably because the septics don't have JSP101, I can't refer to paragraphs by number. However,

    So we don't sell on merit then? Good thing the septics have regular hissy fits or we lesser beings would never sell anything. [​IMG]
  9. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Fink, would you describe yourself as a cheerful person?
    If you answered the phone at samartians, I think there would be some serious sh1t happen :D :D :D :oops:
  10. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Maybe we can use the Arms market to sell out way out of the defecit in the economy....... :p
  11. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Caveat Emptor!

    These US amrs.....look broken to me
  12. Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Hard to believe I know but I used to be top turn at a Sods Opera and the life and soul of the party at a mess social. However with the advancing years my fundamental serious side has manifested itself, gone forever is the fun loving finknottle, skipping through life with gay abandon. :cry:
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Re: US amrs sales to Saudi Arabia

    Ageing: the condition where the waist broadens while the mind narrows!
  14. The UK was a major supplier of WMD to Saddam Hussein - who used them on the Iranians - which made Iran the second most highly affected country from WMD attacks [after Japan].

    The United Kingdom was directly involved in arms trade with both parties during the war, however the British government kept a blind eye to evident illegal exports taking places between numerous British companies and Saddam Hussein's regime, making Iraqi clandestine procurement operations very active within the United Kingdom.

    The UN Security Council had identified and listed 150 foreign companies whom supported and facilitated Saddam Hussein's program for weapons of mass destruction during the Iran-Iraq war. 24 of these companies were British.

    This lead to the Scott Inquiry on British military sales to Iraq, which lasted 3 years and was under the direction of senior high court judge Sir Richard Scott. The Inquiry was set up in 1992.........................yadda yadda...............................................................................The Scott Inquiry report of 1,806 pages exposed the British government's breach of British law and regulations on banning the exports of dual purpose materials and equipment to Saddam's Iraq. The Inquiry revealed the British government's secret plan to supply Saddam with more weapons-related materials, even after the massacre of Iraqi Kurds by Saddam's Halabja chemical weapon attack......................................................................................................yadda yadda ...................................................................It was revealed that Britain exported Thiodiglycol, a mustard gas precursor, and Thionyl chloride, a nerve gas precursor, all of which were used in an extensive chemical attack against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war by Saddam's regime.

    As a result, Iran finds itself today one of the world's most afflicted country by weapons of mass destruction, and is only second to Japan.

    During the war on Iran, the UK resisted any condemnation of Iraq's evident chemical weapon attacks at the UN Security Council. As a result, no resolution was passed to call against Iraq's use of chemical weapons, despite the fact that the majority wanted to condemn its use.

    On March 21, 1986 the UN's Security Council recognised that 'chemical weapons on many occasions have been used by Iraqi forces against Iranian forces', however the UK remained adamant in abstaining to vote or condemn Iraq's chemical weapon's program. Ironically, in 2003, the UK used this very excuse to invade Iraq.


    Kind of makes you feel proud of being British eh!!!!!

  15. WW1 - Gas

    Vietnam - NaPalm, Agent Orange
  16. To whom this may concern; I trust the author considers English to be his second language.
  17. Outstanding.

    The Scot report confirmed that the UK gubbermint broke domestic and international law in supplying illegal precursors that killed over 100,000 Iranian military and several thousand civilians including the Kurds at Halabja. The British then colluded with the USA to prevent Iraq being condemned by the security council and vetoed a UN vote based on the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

    And you get to the absolute nub of the debate by spotting that a foreign journalist made an interrogative syntax error in his report.

    Feckin outstanding.
  18. Whitemouse just to answer your question.
    My first 2 years were with Northrop - Under The "Peacesun" Programme. The 2,nd Two were with Lier Siegler under the "Peacehawk" Program. But i was still doing same job but with promotion.

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