US anti-British feeling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. What, Hollywood was wrong ? Nah never. Your saying cars never stormed the battlefield, your saying Ben Affleck was not involved in the Battle of Britian, your saying that the UK was not involved in the Normandy landings and not forgetting that the Yanks managed to get the enigma machine.
    Least they got one thing right, their cars are only really capable of going in a stright line.
  2. They didn't have cars in 1770 ish, did they? :? :?
  3. Well if Americia said they did, then it must be true.
  4. I wasn't aware that the USA had any history. I've always been under the impression they've only been going long enough to pick up some bad habits.
    (I know, I know.......:))
  5. I'm saying the film U57 was took off in this town, the home of the Enigma hero, Able seaman Colin Grazier GC. :twisted:

    Americans 8,800,
    French 7,800

    British 6,000.

    Did I mention the fact that the french fleet were behind our army and the army was split in two. The river ran between our two armies.
    The fact that a lot of the British troops were in fact not British but Hessian's,
    two regiments of them.
    Oh do I mention the American regiment that was on our side.
    And finally the Americans whilst using French troops in most of the battles they ever came close to winning, criticize the use of what they call Hessian mercenaries.
    No they were not mercenaries, they were the King of Hanover's own true subjects fighting for their future King. The Duke of Brunswick, and the prince elect of Hanover.
    And lets be honest the British were up to their eyeballs in fighting the French who were posing a great threat to India, a colony that Parliament wanted to keep because of the wealth and investment.
    America was coverted by King George as a great natural garden. Parliament had as lords and businessmen millions invested in the far flung and were not loosing it for what they considered a farm.
    So lets be honest but for the French oh and did I mention the Spanish, they might still be a commonwealth country.
    Its one time I truly am glad Percy failexed.
  6. Who gives a shite what they think of us, when Obama was elected millions of people across the world including me expected great things from him, what have we got; nothing. He is a lame duck president sitting out his four years and clutching at straws in an attempt to make himself popular, f..k em all I say. :twisted:
  7. I wasn't one of those millions (as my contemporaneous posts will prove), despite being a socialist (small 's'). I didn't expect him to be quite so duplicitous though. He is a true American.
  8. Wheres the "anti" brit part? Its a fuckin car commercial FFS
  9. [quote="Joe_Crow] He is a true American.[/quote]

    In other words, an ********.
  10. ******** indeed...just like Kenny McCaskill ...he did a great job for US/UK relations..... 8) ...McCaskill & Salmon...pricks personified!
  11. American muscle, made in CANADA!

    Two fingers up to those yanks eh.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've been to Amerikay twice and virtually everyone i met said they were either Irish American, Italian American, German American, Scottish American etc etc etc. If they are so proud of the place, would they not just say they were AMERICAN??

    Spams eh?
  13. Rumrat got the facts right,we had more on our plate with the French in India than this Independence thing which,let's face it,was British settlers fighting British led troops.
    they should thank us as they would be eating frogs instead of massive chilli burgers!
    funny they never mention the other later war when they tried to invade Canada,we stopped that incursion and although I'm not well up on Yank history I think we burned Washington and the White House.
    One of my son's married a Yank[girl] and when I go over they they still regard Custer as a real American hero,not the inept fool he was.
    Their Independence Declaration,their laws and justice system plus a great deal more came from the UK.
    Their beer came from some shit creek in the Everglades,at least it tastes like alligator piss!
  14. The majority of the beer drank I think is german of origin. And was brewed mainly from the Mississippi. Dont know of any beer brewed from the everglades at all? Custer was a ****** and everyone knows it. One ship sailed up the Potomac, burnt a few buildings and ran away from a fight! Of course the laws came from the UK, BUT your a subject, a yank is a free man! Unless yer name is Pocahighness most yanks came from a mother country, hence the pre name, Its called heritage which another poster blathers on about. American muscle, what do you drive.a 1.2 litre 3 pot rice burner!

    Oh dear oh dear. Its amusing when you see both sides and how funny it is when its one sided
  15. I like the way the Americans go on about 'freedom'... this from a nation that enslaved people for decades because they were a different colour and deemed 'to be 'sub human'. A nation that stole land from the indiginous people, put them in concentration camps... sorry.. reservations, and forced them to give up their own language and culture. A nation built on greed..... sorry .. manifest destiny. What they didn't steal from the natives they stole from the Mexicans.
    Then there's 'democracy'.... I was in Honky klonk when they shot was the U.S. fleet... that was a fun night !
    Have a nice day !

    Edited to add.... three years ago I visited the Little Bighorn..... as far as I know it is the only battlefield that commemorates the 'losers'
  16. They were the losers on the night, but they did win on aggregate. I'm also sure that we have a few battlefield memorials where we lost battles that commemorate our dead.
  17. Lord Chelmsford who survived the disastrous campaign against the Zulu's and lost his army at Isandlwana, returned to Britain in disgrace,and but for the protection of queen Victoria, would have been lucky to escape full public ridicule. He certainly never was vindicated by Hollywood and turned into a folk hero. He did the same as Custer, split his command in hostile terrain and he too inspired by ego and lack of military understanding, despite being advised by professional soldiers.
    Nepotism gained Custer his command as it did Chelmsford.

    The American history books record the dead from most battles on both sides along with the number of combatants.
    Accordingly the British army in one particular year was three times bigger than we knew, and was killed twice over. 8O
  18. And just WTF is your point Flagdeck. The UK never had slavery, the UK never invaded and stole from its indiginous people. The UK never had greed. ALL countries at one time fucked up anothers for various reasons...check out what the Romans did. Gonna bitch about the eyetalians next I s'pose. The chinks, japs in WW2, Goths, Vikings, the list goes on.
    Commorates losers at L.B.Horn. Errrrrrrrr isnt it a battlefield memorial. What about at San Antonio, the Alamo. Not many references to the Mexicans there I can tell you.

    Joe Crow, well said.

    Flagdick. Ever been to France, where there are memorials everywhere to battles that we lost. Europe, Gallipolli etc. Dunkirk.

    The yanks are still free and your still a subject. check your passport matey.

    Pull yer head out of yer arse, idiot.

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