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'Founded in 1972 and celebrating it's 30th Anniversary in 2002, the Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities Royal Naval Unit is the second oldest in Britain, after Aberdeen.' RN website.

Hardly late 1980s, Geoffrey.
I always thought that the URNU had two principal recruit new officers into the Royal Navy, and to influence young men and women who may be captains of industry and people of influence. As the Navy continues to shrink recruiting becomes less of a problem and it is quite clear that any ex URNU movers and shakers have no influence over defence cuts....... So, why continue to spend money on what is essentially an adventurous training scheme for university students?
Substantially late to the party here but as a recent Brighton Uni graduate and, more importantly, member of SUSURNU I can attest to the fact that for some reason our female members were far "above average". Nothing changes I suppose. ;) #WarCanoeRanger

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