OK, here's a thought. Why oh why oh why...

1. Why is there an URNU at Aberdeen, but not at Edinburgh?
2. Why is there an URNU at Southampton, but not at Plymouth?
3. Why is Sussex URNU, based in pink-capital Brighton, full of tasty girls?
4. Why is there even a university at Cambridge, let alone an URNU, as they're all weird geeks (allegedly) ?

Answers please?

There's an URNU at Aberdeen for a wide variety of reasons. Primarily because it was the first established in 1967 to promote the RN in a new capacity. It's still there because it does a damm good job and has some of the best students around. NO ONE drinks like an AURNU Midshipman!

Also it is important to remember that the p2000s are also a useful way for the RN to fly the flag where they wouldn't normally and Aberdeen being the home of the oil industry is of strategic importance.

As for the other issues.....not sure of anyone who'd want to go to uni in Guzz! And yes, Sussex girls are the top totti in URNU circles.
But with only 15 or so URNUs (or is it 14, I forget?), why should one be wasted on Aberdeen when there are so many other deserving cases, including much better universities that are desperate for one (someone told me Exeter, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Belfast for starters). Historical reasons are not really an excuse these days- it hasn't stopped the MoD getting rid of naval bases, airfields and army bases around the country.

My spies also tell me although doing a "damn good job", Aberdeen has been understrength in personnel for years, compared to waiting lists at all other units (except Cambridge, maybe). So let's bite the bullet and give the Forth a P2000! We need one!


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buddyboy said:
....NO ONE drinks like an AURNU Midshipman!... Sussex girls are the top totti in URNU circles.
You've seemed to have forgotten the "Work Hard" part of the "Work Hard/Play Hard" Equation
To remove Aberdeen would be a tradegy in my opinion. It has a long history of guys going down to Dartmouth as a direct result of their URNU experience along with several medic cadets who are currently active members.

Not sure why you're determined to rob Peter to pay Paul freddie. In an ideal world all unis would have an attached URNU. Aberdeen, by dint of geography, has less educational establishments to recruit from and it would be impossible to commute as elsewhere in the country (say from Edinburgh to Glasgow!).

Perhaps there are compromises to be made; the various UAS's have merged to form a larger organization but I reject your somewhat arrogant assumption that your need and therefore right is greater.

GCYZ...........fair one. We do work hard before letting our hair down. Didn't think I'd have to justify myself for a pretty flip comment.
Whoa - ease to a frenzy, Buddyboy! No need to take offence by any comment anyone makes - it's only a forum! Methinks you protesteth too much.... do you know something about Aberdeen's future I don't? All that lack of sunlight CAN'T be good for you! ;)

I'll start betting on there being an Edinburgh URNU straight away then. 1-2 ODDS ON, anyone?
freddie said:
I don't think ANYONE works in an URNU. But in Aberdeen, what else are they to do other than drink?!

Ok, I was responding to your points which are far more inflammatory than anything I've said. Notice I use words like 'compromise' whereas you just list your personnel prejudices and grievances.

But.....you're right it's just a forum so let's discuss this amicably!

Why do you insist on focusing on Aberdeen though? It's an honest question mate. Oh, seeing as you're quite fond of Latin quotations I'd thought you'd enjoy this "Si me rogas, potes abire et tu ipse cacare". (Tongue firmly in cheek!)
I concur, the sussex lot do have rather a good amount of attractive girls in their midst! although london's new entries look tasty too!
Last time I checked URNU's were part of the RNR not Sea Cadets. Why post in this forum? :?

P.S Aberdeen is the "Original & Best"

ENDEX :wink:


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The URNU are cadets in all but name. Don't confuse a bunch of drunken scruffy students with RNR personnel who do a real job.
Whoa provocactive post there fella 8O

"Drunken scruffy students" how wide is you brush matey, obviously wide enough to tar 750 undergraduates who also have RNR on their ID card.

Different people, different roles.

As for the "real job" think its fairer to say a different job. Not saying for a minute that an URNU fullfills the same role as an RTC but they have their place otherwise they would not be funded as they are.

How many high profile events for the RN in the UK have had P2000's as the RN representation? A lot. P2000's can go into ports/harbours that larger RN vessels can't. Therefore URNU's to joe public are a visible and accessable facet of the RN.

P.S. URNU's have dedicated ships :wink:


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Lets see, ex URNU, ex URNU TO and RNR now. I think I'm entitled to state my opinion on the URNU.

In one URNU I know, of 50 students on the books, maybe 20 attended on a good night. Meanwhile some would attend for deployment or the fun stuff. Most weren't particularly good, despite endless efforts to try and get them to the right standard. They were a mess, more concerned with beer than they were with basic skills. Deployment was a case of "alongside ASAP then lets do a run ashore". Drill nights were much the same. As for parades, don't make me laugh. They turned up, couldnt march, looked gash and were frankly a waste of space.

Of the 750 students, I'd suggest maybe 400 are regular attenders, of whom maybe 100 might join the RN. The rest are along for a jolly. Personally I'd scrap the pay element and see how many we keep.

The URNU scheme is a waste of resources in its current form. Either turn it into a NROTC or scrap it completely. At the moment though I am very hacked off at seeing the little scrotes getting "RNR" on their ID card. They have no idea how to act like an officer (if only because the BRNC driven syllabus doesn't really cover it). They are fundamentally cadets, their staff cannot be mobilised and at the end of the day, to call that bunch of scruffs "RNR" is an insult to the REAL RNR who for the most part are well trained individuals who have a very real liability to go to deployments (as I've done).
There seems to be no system at the moment of steering the unsuccessful URNU hopefuls towards their local RNRU. When I was an undergrad I looked at both the URNU and the RNR and decided to go list three rather than list seven (bit of RNR jackspeak there to confuse the regulars). Presumably there must be some unsuccessful URNU applicants who would take the same path (although a few years later when I mentioned my choice to the local URNU CO, he was a bit miffed and said that in his opinion an RNRU should steer any undergrad applicants to their local URNU).


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fangita said:
(someone told me Exeter, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Belfast for starters).
Wouldnt have said Queens Belfast would be crying out for an URNU - the RN are so low profile over here (we have one RNR ship which is nearly as old as Noah's Ark and thats it) and also, they have a hard enough time keeping the UOTC going with all the political gash that to have an URNU would just add to it.


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capt-ahab said:
fangita said:
(someone told me Exeter, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Belfast for starters).
Wouldnt have said Queens Belfast would be crying out for an URNU - the RN are so low profile over here
Don't you think raising the RN's profile would be a good reason for having one?
GCYZ said:
Don't you think raising the RN's profile would be a good reason for having one?
I've not asked for a few years, but the last time I asked someone official what the point of the URNU was they claimed it was to lodge the idea of the RN as a thoroughly good thing into the minds of future prominent citizens and professionals. Not, I repeat not, any kind of recruitment tool. Raising the RN profile is exactly what it's for.

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