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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by hattyket, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. I'm ex CCF, hoping to join some military type thing in october, ill be a (female) medical student at UCL.

    i was considering UOTC, but wondered about the URNU instead.

    Is there anyone on here who could tell me about recruiting and entry requirements. I've looked on the navy website but londons URNU doesnt seem to have a website at all.

    also, is there anything to stop me applying for both UOTC and URNU, as i fear i shall not make it into UOTC on pathetic press up ability. (i dont know if URNU have a similar requirement)
  2. Hattyket, good kid as you are and meaning well as I'm sure you are. Do me a favour and speak English. Not all of us brilliantly minded people on this site are aware of what EM2=MC2 means. How about just saying 'Where do I go to do such and such'. Life is so simple thereafter.
  3. UA, if you have a problem with this, well, life sucks and then you die. :wink:
  4. Why don't you call them, Hatty, and find out when their Fresher's intro nights are? Phone number and email address on this page.
  5. hattykat,

    I am sorry Dabs was so rude to someone interested in the RN.

    When I was at Uni in London I joined the RNR rather than the URNU. It was right for me (more money for a start) but I think the URNU have even more fun.

    The big difference between the UOTC and URN is do you want to spend your annual camp in a muddy ditch, or using a motor yacht painted grey to visit nice restaurants in Franch ports etc? You know it makes sense!

    Seriously though, both are good and both will be a good experience. If you are interested in being a doc in the army try to UOTC and vice versa, but either will be a good experience.

    But you need to get a move on as places can be hard to get, so go for it and have a great time!

    Dabs, this is a post about URNU, therefore the terms hettycat used are totally appropriate and should not need explaining. If you posted on the Fleet thread, would you expect to be criticised if you used the term CVS?

    URNU = University Royal Naval Unit.
    UOTC = University Officer Training Coprs (or something similar).
    UCL = University College London.
  6. just to add, there is nothing stopping you from applying to join both in case you don't get in the one you want. It is also possible, if you are pro-active enough, to arrange to activities in the otc when ur in the urnu and vise-versa- it has been done before
  7. thank you all ever so much, i'll let you all know how it goes
    CCF is combined cadet force in case you didnt know
  8. We know what CCF stands for.

    Ignore Dabs - he just isnt getting "any" :lol:

    Good luck and have fun

  9. cerebral rather than physical sounds good to me!
    I'm the kind of person that can't even push her own body weight off the ground, anything that circumnavigates that is alright by me.

    any tips on being able to do them anyone?

    'the best way to do press ups is do more press ups' thing isnt going to help either as i can do NONE of the proper ones where your feet actually touch the ground.
  10. Start off with bench presses - its upside down push ups with a weighted bar.

    you can start off light and build up to an equivalent to the weight of your upper body.

  11. When I was in the URNU many, many years ago the medical went like this

    Surg LT : Take your glasses off - can you still see that poster on the wall?
    A_M: Just about
    Surg LT : Put your glasses back on. Can you see it better?
    A_M: Yes
    Surg LT : Pass

    As for not being able to lift your own body weight - that was compulsory after mess dinners or runs ashore (although one unfortunate Mid. was arrested by civilian police who found him paralytic and in uniform. They assumed that he was one of the crew of a visiting T42 destroyer and took him back to the ship where nobody knew who he was.)

    One of our number, now a senior officer commanding a squadron, was so small he reputedly had to have some of his kit specially made in kiddies sizes - so I really wouldn't worry about the physical stuff.
  12. Oh the mess games, one of the many reasons i want to stay in military organisations.

    the pull ups game i almost played once until someone pointed out it had to be upside down, i was wearing a dress at the time.........
  13. which, presumably, is why the RNR have the opinion of UNRUs that they do :lol:
  14. As ex-London URNU I can heartily recommend you joining. The medical REALLY is no biggie - as with the RN, be within 25% of the required BMI, don't tell them you have asthma, and don't be colour blind.

    Comparision of London URNU vs London OTC:


    -500 ish cadets under a Lt Col and all the extras that brings...
    -Called 'Officer Cadet' -but treated like 'orrible little privates by your RSM
    - deploy in a trench, eat your rat-packs cold to get the full infantry-soldier experience, then catch a quick 2hrs sleep at most (literally), get woken up by flashbangs, then fall back to your 2ndy harbour postion just in time for your stint on stag...
    - Get recruited into the TA when you leave IF you're not going to RMAS - otherwise they feel as though they've wasted effort on you.


    -50ish cadets under a generally chilled-out Lt RN
    -Given substantive rank of Mid RNR (URNU) and therefore get to experience a taste of wardroom life (don't expect to
    be called Sir/Ma'am though - you are not properly commissioned Officers!)
    -Deploy on a nice little patrol boat with heating, showers and a galley (its the small things in life...) so you can have a hot curry with your oppos etc. before your NIGHTLY run-ashore - NB, you will spend more on runs ashore than you earn in an URNU Summer deployment!
    - Lots of URNU join the RN (I did) but the actual idea is based around giving future movers and shakers a positive attitude towads the RN

    I knew the options infront of me when I joined the URNU and I'm glad I made the right choice for me. Lots of people (lots of friends of mine) loved the OTC, even those who haven't joined the Army - I howver was content to bait them in the Common Room on Monday mornings after I'd spent the weekend on a clubbing cruise to Bournemouth and they'd hiked half of Hampshire, humping half their body-weight around to the sound of a screaming Welsh RSM!

    I hope this helps you in your decision making!
  15. why of course i joined the urnu. I'm almost glad i failed the uotc run, just came back from a hole of a club where i spent the post urnu evening dancing around a pile of not exactly handbags but bags containing uniform. much looking forward to trafalger night though i am not sure about the wisdom of making us wear bow ties with number ones.

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