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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by delta7338, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. i want to join the RN after i finish at university i heard the best way is through the URNU. I could use a little advise from the brilliant minds at Rum Ration. First off is there any oppertunity to do the AIB while studying while studying? (i was involved with the OTC but didn't like that politics got in the way of training) is there any chance of doing RM excersise's or getting some range time? i know you get the 'Honorary' midshipman rank but would that allow me to get any training at one of the RN training bases i want something a bit more than a weekend booze cruise in a combat yacht but still need to finish my degree any advice would be great.

    oh and any advice on what branch of the service is best to get involved with VBSS. i'm currently thinking warfare but there's not much info other than a few pictures of rigid raiders.

    Thanks Much
  2. i've been in the urnu for 4 years now and have got an immense amount out of it. my self, other members of my unit and friends on other units have all spent time on ships in the fleet and time at other RN training establishments such as EXCELLENT, SULTAN and COLLINGWOOD. I feel that the urnu does also help tremendously with preparation for the AIB, and I sincerely doubt I would have been successful without the training and personal attention the urnu provides. As far as taking the aib while at university, there are bursaries available to current students (very competitive to get these) an there is always the option of taking the aib during your final year to enter Dartmouth the year after. The best people to talk about this side are your local careers office though, and they can also advise on the urnu.

    All in all, it's much more than a sponsored booze cruise in a combat yacht! The one rule in our unit is, "if you want to do it, we'll try and organise it"
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a former coxswain at an Oxbridge URNU I heartily commend them to you. The difficult bit is getting the balance between study & commitment right. I'd advise you to view the URNU primarily as a University Society- the majority do not go on to join the RN, unlike the OTC & UAS equivalents. It is an excellent insight into the workings of the RN, but there is a danger of viewing the RN through rose-tinted glasses. Many ex-URNU students get a rude awakening when they join the regular service & realise it's a job, not a hobby. In answer to your queries:

    1. You can take AIB whilst at Uni, whether in the URNU or not, but unless you are seeking Sponsorship or a Bursary, there's little point until your final year as an AIB pass is only valid for 12 months.

    2. I very much doubt you would be actively involved in RM exercises unless they were to do boarding drills or suchlike involving your URNU's P2000 (HMS Dasher, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen etc) and you happened to be on it at the time.

    3. There is every chance you may get the opportunity to go on the military ranges.

    4. Assuming you refer to Visit, Board, Search & Seizure operations, you can see by the link that most branches of the RN are involved in some way, however the full-time experts in this area are the Royal Marines. Warfare Officers do carry out Boarding Ops, as do ratings engineers (for the technical search aspects), but if you want to do the "Warry bits" such as rapid roping and other reckless gung-ho stuff, the RM's are your best bet.

    5. If you want to participate in front-line activities whilst at Uni, your best option is joining the RNR (you can earn more too).
  5. thanks very much for the insight gentlemen. Does anyone know if the military curriculum at Aberdeen URNU is the same as every other URNU. I only ask as there have been rumors doing the rounds that Aberdeen is not quite up to snuff. is it based on the BRNC curriculum? or is it like the OTC's and take's a bit more of a free hand. unless of course you say on day one "Sir I want to take the RCB" in which case it's a matter of beastings all round and allot more of the green kit.

    yes I was referring to Visit, Board, Search & Seizure (by the way the article on HMS Bulwark was probably the most information about the subject I was able to find, besides that unfortunate business with Iran)
    with regard to getting involved in this area would it be advisable to do the all arms? or is this just for service with 3 commando bgd and nothing to do with fleet protection.

    I realize the Marines are more involved than Navy personnel in VBSS I only want to steer clear of the Royal Marines as I have known a few Ex-Marines and it was their impression that civilian employers weren't looking for someone who can hang on to the side of an Apache, fast rope into a hot zone slot some Taliban/insert current political bad guy, then head home. those are the skills and training I want however I want to keep my service options open.

    Would the local URNU take offence at a student joining the RNR over the URNU? in "their recruiting area". It has been mentioned in a few posts on the subject.
    furthermore is there really a degree of animosity between URNU the RN and the RNR? or is it just a bit of light hearted banter.

    P.S can't afford rizzla so i used my dicktionary instead
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The All Arms Commando Course (AACC) is for those who need that particular training in order to carry out the job required of them- Warfare Officers do not routinely need AACC training unless they are actually seconded to the Royal Marines (Jungly Pilots for example). It's not something you do on a whim at MoD expense because you think it might be handy on your CV unfortunately.

    You seem to be missing the point- it's a job, it's not a supermarket where you only take the bits you want off the shelf or a source of entertainment. Quite simply you are employed to do a job as required by the service. You maybe lucky and be entertained by the job or indeed employed in a role you would like, but you must not join in the expectation you will just get the nice jobs whilst everyone else does the "boring stuff" like navigating, etc.

    The URNU couldn't give two hoots if you joined the RNR as a student- they're usually over subscribed anyway & they are not there to recruit, just to educate apparently. The training curriculum is laid down by BRNC Dartmouth incidentally- there isn't a great deal of scope for independent free thinking on how they conduct their day to day to business otherwise funding would be withdrawn & people "moved".

    There isn't any quantifiable animosity really unless an URNU student takes it upon him/her self to think for a nano-second that he/she is a commissioned officer & try to "lord-it" over regular/reserve ratings.

    Good luck in your choices.
  7. Once again thanks for the info sorry if I came across as a badge collecting [email protected]#ker who thinks it's nothing more than grown up boy scouts (trust me I don't) I just don't have allot of knowledge on the subject most of what I know ( and I use the term very loosely) is based on conjecture and assumption from the available evidence, which is limited.

    I’m looking mostly for advise and will accept any ( including spelling I was a bit of a [email protected]#b about that earlier) well meant or otherwise.

    now that I’ve used enough brackets to construct an army of smiles I leave it to you

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