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URNU Gash or Not

ok picture this HMNB Portsmouth open weekend im fed up cos im working the mersey and the kent open to visitors, plenty of people walkin around. so i thought a wonder round was called for. wondered round for a bit and came across an URNU vessel maned by some rather attractive midi's, so as all good matlots do i went in for a friendly chat only to find that it was'nt there units ship and it had been locked up and they had been left in the cold and wet. this is surely no way to treat lurvly young ladies let alone potential recruits for the navy, just wondering if anyone knows what was going on it seemed a shame to have the ship and personnel to man a sotv only to find they could only view the upper deck..........confused.............Discuss.
The fact that the URNU unit who supplied the Boat didnt even have the decency to leave the keys to open the whole vessel to the public! seems abit unprofessional and made the URNU look abit unprepared. I guess what i'm after is answers or feedback to this Point.


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Well their Squadron Offices are over in the Rope Shed - ask them...

and actually, once you've seen the upper deck of a P2000, you've pretty much seen the whole thing.


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No way you can get visitors below decks - its just the mess square, galley and 3 small cabins and the engine room. Basically no point opening the ship up - you see all you need on one visit to the flying bridge.
yea i serve on the hms gosport ferry on the way to work most mornings. i do my job as well as any one else just because there are hardly and sea drafts for my trade does not make me a sea dodger it mearly means i do less work for the same money. what a shame!


Would of been due to the ships company heading home for the weekend. To be fair this would of been just before they were about to deploy for the summer.
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