Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gaskell, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Having set sertain wheels in motion, I will hopefully be sponsered by the Royal Navy (providing that I don't slpi up at any other interviwes) to go through univesity to train as a dentist.
    Here's my starter for 10, will i automatically join my universities URNCU (providing I get into University) or would it be optional?

    Don't get me wrong, it would be a great priviledge/ adventure to join a URNCU, not to mentio great experience,

  2. Have you got qualificaitons in English or just gibberish interspersed with some correct spelling ability.
  3. For ref - it's an URNU, not an 'URNCU'.

    If you are an SU you will normally be put on your URNU's books. Bursars (except DTUS) are automatically members and I think UCEs come under this too.

    However, with one exception I can think of, they tend not to be particularly committed as the URNU isn't really aimed at them; they know they're going to Dartmouth, the rest of the gang don't (and are there for different reasons in most cases).
  4. As a UCE you must turn up at least once a term; and in my experience it is pretty much all or nothing. some of us turned up every week, some did the bare minimum. It doesn't matter in the long run to be honest. I was under the impression Bursars had to turn up rather more frequently, but that may've hanged...
  5. Thanks a lot. Now I know, now I know!
  6. I'm a bursar at university and was told that URNU was mandatory. However I quickly discovered that my attendance was not really expected and mainly only if I was on duty or if the event was a three line whip. I wouldn't get worked up or worried about joining if you don't want to. I feel that uni should be uni and then I will concentrate fully on my navy job.

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