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I am sponsor of a petition to the owners of the Walkabout pubs
The petition reads as follows and can be found at the link in the thread title...you may need to copy and paste it.
Please sign the petition and pass the link to all your colleagues wherever they are.

Cheers m' Dears.

To: Walkabout pubs and Associate Companies
Two Royal Marines were refused entry to the Walkabout bar in Liverpool’s city centre because they were in uniform, having just attended the funeral of a colleague killed in Iraq on Remembrance Sunday.

A spokesman for Walkabout gave this spurious statement: "As a responsible bar operator, we have a strict policy of refusing entry to anyone believed to be aggressive.
"Furthermore, Walkabout in Liverpool has a strict policy of refusing entry to anyone in uniform due to previous issues with uniformed customers. These policies are designed solely to increase the safety and comfort of all our customers.
"Two of the group were in uniform and door-staff believed that other members of the group were behaving aggressively, so they were refused admission."
This unpatriotic nonsense needs to be confronted and we the undersigned will pledge to boycott all pubs and inns in the Walkabout chain and will also boycott its associate companies, Regent Inns and Jongleurs unless a statement is released apologising to the soldiers involved and a change in the rules which forbid serving members of HM’s Armed Forces entering their premises wearing the uniform of HM’s Armed Forces.


The Undersigned


Re: http://www.petitiononline.com/llbtw/petition.html

Done - passing info to friends & workmates.
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