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This is a petition that deserves everyone's support. The crass decision was made a few years back that we would lose our Service hospitals, before Bliar sent so many of our Service people to fight for the continuous supply of Iraqi oil to the USA and then Afghanistan.

For every death you see reported, you can bank on there being several hundred wounded and maimed returning to a Health Service that just can't cope with the rest of the UK, let alone Service people. We need Service-owned facilities and Haslar is still salvageable as a Service facility. Servicemen and their families need it, so sign up!
Re: http://petitions.pm..gov/Wounded/

I've served in Haslar, Stonehouse, Gib, and TPMH Akrotiri. I'm now in an MDHU. I'm afraid that the time for dedicated military hospitals is gone. Luckily, we don't have many wounded or sick at any one time, and there just isn't enough medical work to keep a dedicated hospital busy. If we concentrated all our Service medics and patients in one place, then the amount of travelling that patients would have to do for outpatient referral or follow-up clinics would be a real burden.
What we need is wards for Service personnel, and run by Service personnel, within the MDHUs. In addition there should be better provision of military messes within the MDHUs for the staff.

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